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If you follow me on platforms other than my blog, you may be aware that Bury Tomorrow is one of my ultimate favourite bands. I thought it was about time I made a list of the tracks I would most recommend for those of you who have never listened to them. After a lot of struggle I finally got there. If you have listened to them, maybe we can compare?

I started by adding my favourite songs to the playlist so I could narrow it down and it was way over 10. Every song on this playlist is truly awesome, and I have a lot of personal connection with the songs that take me back to a time of watching them play it live. They are my most seen band, and I'll be seeing them again in a couple of months for the ninth time. I'd say that Union Of Crowns is probably my favourite album, followed by Runes with Portraits and Earthbound at joint third. If you've never seen them live before I highly recommend, and make sure you stick around after to chat with them because they are some of the loveliest people in the industry. Ok, let's get down to it.

From #10 to #1, here are my favourites:

10. Cemetery 

Starting off the list we have Cemetery. This is from Bury Tomorrow's latest album release Earthbound and one of the most recent videos to be made. I have to say that even though Earthbound didn't become my favourite album by them when released, it is still a fire album with a lot of incredible songs. This is one of the songs that stood out most to me when I went to see them shortly after release. There's a powerful feeling that comes with it when singing along in a crowd full of people. Oh, I also adore this video so check it out on youtube too. 

9.  Man On Fire

This next track was an instant hook for me. It's so catchy, and very hard not to like. It's easy listening with an extra kick. This song made me fall in love with Jason's vocals, and it is incredible to see everyone going crazy for this song live. Again, this has another awesome video for the song which grew my love for the band a lot when I started getting into them. It's such an upbeat song that get's the room moving very quickly. 

8. Royal Blood

This is the first track to be from my favourite album Union Of Crowns. The intro to this song standout to me immediately when listening to this album, and again Jason's vocals on the chorus make it super catchy and hard to dislike. It's such an incredible track and I can still picture them playing it the first time I ever saw them live. It was at Slamdunk festival and I hadn't really known them much prior so it was like love at first sight. Their performance impressed me so much that I've adored them ever since.

7. The Torch

I love how the first second of this track starts with just vocals and builds up as it goes into it. I particularly adore the acoustic version of this track, as I find it very calming. It stood out to me the first time I heard Runes, and I still love it now. Definitely one to check out. 

6. Memories

The lyrics to this track are ones that stick in my head when I go to see them live. I usually leave the show and end up singing it in my head that night while trying to get to sleep. It's a beautiful song, and a big standout on the Earthbound album. I really like how the song gets calmer in the middle, and builds back up again with a kicking guitar riff. 

5. These Woods Aren't Safe For Us

Next we have a track from their first album Portraits. I really like Portraits but its pretty rare that I go back to it, as I find the others a bit more catchy and upbeat these days. It's also not available on Bury Tomorrow's Spotify in the UK at the moment which makes me listen to it less. However, it features some incredible songs that aren't to be overlooked and this is one of them. The clean vocals at the beginning are so beautiful and the song only goes on to get even better.

4. An Honourable Reign

There isn't a whole lot to say about this song, except I really love it. As soon as it kicks in it takes me straight back to seeing them for the first time at SlamDunk festival. It's such a great song and I never get bored of it. It's a really uplifting song and the screams sound great. 

3. Of Glory

Of Glory is definitely up there within my favourite tracks from Runes. My favourite band t-shirt features the first lyrics on the back, so it's hard not to like this song. While this isn't my favourite music video, I think that it is a good reflection on how great this song is to hear live. It really gets the room moving at a show, and I adore the chorus. The guitars and fast drumming sound great and Dani's screams towards the end of the song simply sound incredible. WE WILL NOT DIE.

2. Sceptres

Sceptres is such a classic of theirs, and whenever I see tweets asking what fans want to see on their next tour, I always see people asking for Sceptres to be played. This song has such great lyrics and it has been one of my favourites since the beginning. I had it playing on repeat and I still love it as much now, as I did back then. Seriously, if you've never checked out Bury Tomorrow then make sure you check this song out at least.

1. Lionheart

Finally, who guessed it? Yes, it's Lionheart. I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone, as it is their most popular song, but I just can't help it. This song literally captured my heart from the very beginning and nothing has beaten it since. The lyrics, the guitars, the drumming, the vocals, everything is great. The message behind the song is even better, and since reading an article about this song in Kerrang I've had even more respect for the band. I have a Lionheart tattoo because of this song, so it very well had to be #1. Everyone goes crazy when they begin to play this song, and if they ever stop putting it on their setlist I'll be incredibly saddened and write them a strong worded letter. The music video is 5 years old now, but it shouldn't definitely be in the 'try not to headband' challenge because damn. This song even makes me a little emotional, and the last time I saw Bury Tomorrow I had my first crowd surf to this song. 

Honourable Mentions: Earthbound, Watcher, 301, Another Journey, Royal Blood, The Burden, anything produced by Bury Tomorrow ever.

I made a public playlist of these tracks for any Spotify users (above)
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I hope you enjoyed my selection. Let me know what your thoughts on Bury Tomorrow are, and what your favourite songs by them are too. Leave a comment below!

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