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It's the end of August already which means it's time for a monthly favourites! These past months have seen festival season strive and come to a slow end. Sadly, I haven't been to any since Download, and decided to sit out of Reading Festival this year. I don't think the line up is as strong as previous years, and although I usually go for a day, the only day I wanted to go to sold out! What were your thoughts on this years Reading Festival? Did you go?

I also have to mention the biggest news of the past two months, the passing of Chester Bennington. It was devastating news to hear that we had lost another great musician, that's inspired so many. It also comes with another reminder that you never know what's going on behind the screens, and depression doesn't discriminate. I never got the chance to see him perform with Linkin Park, which I truly regret. RIP Chester.

On a more positive note, the past two months have seen some great releases from some awesome bands, as well as the news that Being As An Ocean are now an independent band. I look forward to seeing what direction this takes them in. And let's not forget, we have reached that time of year with all of the exciting tour dates being announced. I'm trying to save at the moment and I'm struggling to resist going to so many shows. Have you bought any tickets yet? I currently have tickets for Bury Tomorrow and Five Finger Death Punch.

What Have I Been Listening To?

There isn't a whole lot of metalcore this month, with it being summer I've been in the mood for some summery tunes, but I am still listening to Our Hollow, Our Home. I haven't added them to the playlist this month in order to change it up a bit, but I am seeing them twice in two days in October so I'll only listen to them more. If you haven't checked them out yet, do so!

Kicking off the playlist is a little different from the usual, Elvis Presley. I began July listening to my record player a lot, and Elvis just so happens to be my most played record. I have also included rediscovered tracks from La DisputeBlood Youth, Hands Like Houses and Letlive. These are all my favourite songs by each of these artists, and once I began listening to them in the beginning of the month I could not stop.

We also have new releases from Neck Deep, Being As An Ocean and Paramore this month, which I have been playing on repeat. I know Paramore has been out a little while now, and I wasn't really interested to begin with but I've listened to it a bit more and it's a great album and I want to get it on vinyl. Fake Happy has been one of my favourite tracks from the album this month. I'm also not the biggest Neck Deep fan, but In Bloom is so addictive and the more I listen to The Peace And The Panic the more it is growing on me.

I don't have that many new bands discovered this month, but I never really listened to Set It Off, until Spotify recommended them, and I am obsessed with The Haunting right now. This also goes for TheCityIsOurs. I also love We Are The In Crowd's cover of Brand New which popped up on a daily mix so I had to include it.

Other bands included on the playlist consist of Pierce The Veil, Issues, and Of Mice and Men. I'm seeing OMAM in December and occasionally get the urge to listen to them in the build up months. Pain is still one of my favourite songs by them to date. I find that PTV and Issues are great summer bands and I always end up coming back to them in the summer months. I forget how much I like Misadventures and ended up going back to it in the past month, as well as checking out Headspace fully as I never bothered before. I haven't got any bands from local shows this month except for TRC, who I have to mention. They headlined an all day metal show and put on such a great set, I've really been digging their sound lately.

Fancy having a listen for yourself? Check it out here and put it on shuffle for more enjoyment.

Let me know your thoughts on my choices and leave a comment sharing what songs you've been loving this month. You can follow me on Spotify for more playlists. Thanks for reading, and happy listening. April

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  1. I'm obsessed with in bloom too! It's so catchy and the music video is totally my aesthetic tbh. As for tickets, the only ones I've got so far are for broco in November, but I'm planning on getting some for Crystal lake too! (do you know them? they're Japanese metalcore and are pretty fun) Also how many times have you seen Bury tomorrow now? They do put on a great show so I can see why you see them a lot :) -Amy xx

    1. Yes same! I've heard of them but never listened, I will check them out. Oh god I'm losing count, I think it's 8 now. Soon be in the double digits haha. They're so down to earth and fun to talk to too :) x


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