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When it comes to tattoo aftercare everyone has their own opinion and advice. It's almost like a beauty regime. There are the basic guidelines you should follow, then there's all the different products, and directions which will vary between each person. For some reason I'm always attracted when I see a new tattoo aftercare, but I have always stuck to my same routine, until now.

MY PREVIOUS ROUTINE: For a bit of back context, I would always unwrap my tattoo when I got home, wash it under the shower with a non-scented antibacterial soap and leave it 24 hours before applying cream. I'd then use Bepanthen a couple of times a day or when the tattoo was looking particularly dry until it was healed. I know that a lot of you will probably immediately think that Bepanthen isn't for you, as a lot of people don't get a long with it. I used it on 11 of my tattoos and had no issues, but as I heard more things apposing to the product, and after reading this article, I was keen to try something new. A couple of people recommended Hustle Butter, so I purchased a pot, used it on my 12th tattoo, and didn't get a long with it. I ended up taking it to Download Festival but it melted so I threw it away and decided to try the next thing.

"After Inked effectively moisturizes existing tattoos and naturally helps new tattoos to look healthier."


  • It's Cruelty Free and Vegan: Shamefully, I am not vegan, nor are all of the products I use cruelty free. But I do like to transition to cruelty free when I can and like finding a trusted product that is. 
  • The packaging is pretty: It's simple but the design draws me in. I'm not sure of the relevance of the buddha head, and I know buddhists can find the use of heads offensive but it's an overall nice design, and it originally drew me in.
  • It's also a moisturiser: Once your tattoo is healed you can continue to use the lotion to moisturise it. This means you don't have to throw out a lot of product when it's out of date in 6 months time. 
  • It smells great: Have you ever eaten an orange flavoured, custard cream? That's what this reminds me of. I'm pretty sure Hustle Butter smells very similar too if you like the smell of that.
  • Enriched with Grape Seed Oil: Which is said to help heal skin faster. I did notice a faster healing time using it, but it was a bit longer than a week which it states on Amazon.
  • The consistency is great: It applies like a lotion which is easy to get a thin layer. Have you ever warmed up Bepanthen to make it more spreadable? You don't have to do this with After Inked.
  • Dermatologist tested: It's also non-irritant, non-allergenic, paragon-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free and non-petroleum based.
I've used this on my two latest tattoos, including my knee, as well as an older tattoo that I had touched up. While I don't see a massive difference in the quality of the tattoo, they don't seem to be any bolder/brighter, the overall healing process was made a lot more enjoyable. All of my tattoos healed faster than the usual two weeks. But it's also just the little things, such as the smell, not having greasy fingers and not having the tube burst at the other end.

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I'm not going to be getting a tattoo for a little while so I'm just going to continue using it as a moisturizer for now, but I will be repurchasing it for future tattoos. You can also get smaller, sample sized sachets if you only want to use it for the healing process which you can buy here.

Have you tried After Inked before? What is your go-to tattoo aftercare cream? 
Thanks for reading, let me know what you think if you try it. April

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