9 TV Shows I've Been Enjoying Recently


I'm quite a big TV show fanatic and somehow I manage to find time to get through a lot of programmes. I even go through those stages of not knowing what to watch for a while because I've seen everything that looks appealing on Netflix. I occasionally get asked for good TV show recommendations and I also like to discuss shows I've enjoyed with other people that have seen it, so I thought I'd share a little post with you of some of the shows I've been liking recently.

1. The Walking Dead

"This gritty drama portrays life in the weeks and months that follow a zombie apocalypse."

I thought I'd start off with one that will probably be one of the most popular on this list. I was extremely late to the party with Walking Dead. I was kind of over the whole 'zombie apocalypse' trend that started a couple of years ago, and thought this would be another generic, zombie survival show that I just wasn't down for. I eventually caved one night, made my boyfriend go back to the beginning and got through all 7 seasons. It took us a while to get through as we made rules to watch it together, but I really enjoyed having someone to watch it with and talk about everything that was going on.

I actually ended up getting pretty invested in the show. I do think it's different to the generic zombie films and shows that are so common, and I'm quite surprised with how many different directions they could take it. There's some strong characters in the show, and I'm excited for the new season. It's possibly one of my favourite shows to date. 

2. Bates Motel

"A contemporary prequel to Psycho, giving a portrayal of how Norman Bates' psyche unravels through his teenage years, and how deeply intricate his relationship with his mother, Norma, truly is."

This is the show that I'm currently watching. I'm nearing the end of Season 4 and I'm really loving it. I will confess that I haven't actually seen Psycho. I used to love horror movies when I was younger but never really watched the classics, and now that I've gone off them, I still haven't seen it. However, I plan to once I have finished Bates Motel. I actually discovered it from my tattoo artist. She has a print of it on her wall, and spoke about it one day so I decided to look it up and give it ago. It's pretty strange, but I find the storyline interesting, and I'm invested in finding out what happens.

3. RuPaul's Drag Race

"Join RuPaul, the most famous drag queen in the world, as the host, mentor and inspiration on RuPaul's Drag Race, the ultimate in drag queen competitions."

You've probably been living under a rock if you haven't seen/heard things about RuPaul's Drag Race. I discovered it a while back maybe during season 3/4, went back the beginning and now I'm up to date. This is another one that I discovered from conversations with my tattoo artists and we always end up discussing the current season and it's contestants. I'm not sure what it is about this show that I like so much. It might be the fashion, how crazy good these guys are at makeup or just the pure sass, but I do know there is some serious talent on this show. I always pick my favourite, and hope they make it to the end. Somehow I end up discovering who the winner is on Twitter before I've caught up though which is super annoying. Hopefully next season it won't happen. No tea all shade.

4. Girlboss

"Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss."

I ran out of things to watch and began seeing a lot of aesthetically pleasing images of Girlboss on Instagram. I decided to look into it, and really enjoyed the show. It's filmed almost like a chick flick movie, and became pretty addictive. The show is loosely based on the true story of Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso, and as a fan of Nasty Gal already, I particularly found the adaptation interesting. I think Sophia is a badass character, and I found it almost inspiring to start my own fashion business. I hope that Netflix makes more shows like this.

5. Salem

"Explores what really fuelled the town's infamous witch trials and uncovering the dark, supernatural truth hiding behind this infamous period in American history."

I discovered Salem while searching for something new to watch. I'm not that far into it yet, I have a couple episodes of season 1 left, but I got distracted with Bates Motel so I haven't gone back to it. It's basically a supernatural look on the witch trials, and what the town of Salem would have been like had their been witches with powers taking over. It's pretty engaging, especially for someone who is interested in history and the witch trials in particular, but I am not the biggest fan of supernatural shows, so sometimes I find myself losing a bit of interest. It kind of reminds me of a witch trials version of Game of Thrones for some reason and GOT fans will probably dislike me for saying that. However, I do think it's pretty good and I do plan on finishing it, or at least going back to it.

6. Absolutely Fabulous

"Edina Monsoon and her best friend Patsy drive Eddie's sensible daughter, Saffron, up the wall with their constant drug abuse and outrageous selfishness."

It's actually been a while since I watched this, but I wanted to include it for anyone who hasn't seen it and might be tempted in checking it out. I used to love Ab Fab when I was younger. I didn't quite understand most of the jokes, but it was an evening classic along with Friends and Will & Grace. Once I discovered all of the episodes were on Netflix, I went back to the beginning to watch it all through fully and still love it to this day. This show actually started in 1992! It's a typical British sitcom, and great to put on if you have a spare 30 minutes. Patsy is my spirit animal. 

7. Glow

"A look at the personal and professional lives of a group of women who perform for a wrestling organisation in Los Angeles."

Glow is another Netflix original, based on Glow: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling which aired between 1986-1989, and as an ex WWE fan, I really enjoyed it. I like that it's based on real women as I hadn't heard of the previous Glow prior to this, and it has a interesting look at how wrestling shows are put together, or at least this one. I think the storyline was really intriguing. I kept seeing the advert and was actually put off for a while, but as soon as I had checked it out, I became hooked. I actually really hope they continue this somehow with another season. I really like how it was filmed and the characters they created. 

8. Eden: Paradise Lost

"In a remote corner of the UK, 23 men and women try to build a new life and new society from scratch, isolated from the rest of the world."

I saw this advertised on TV one night and became really intrigued. I liked shows such as Bear Grylls The Island previously, so I thought this was going to be really good, and I'm not going to lie, it disappointed quite a lot. You're probably wondering why it's on a list of shows I've enjoyed recently if I was disappointed by it. Well I strongly enjoyed discussing it. We thought it was going to be watching a community build and thrive without modern day issues getting in the way. However, it was pretty poorly done and the show is quite a mess, but it is hard to stop watching. 9 hours produced from a year of filming means that the most highly dramatic events were clearly selected for air time and as a survival experiment it failed miserably, but as a reality show I found it quite entertaining.

9. Riverdale

"A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale's wholesome facade."

Riverdale was recommended to me a while back, and I ended up binge watching the first season within a week. It's kind of strange, and in some way reminds me of Twilight. I think it's the red headed, pale faced characters, but either way it's a pretty gripping show. I wouldn't say this show is for everyone, but if you like shows like Pretty Little Liars then it's probably for you. I'm looking forward to binging Season 2 to find out what happens next. 

Let me know if you've seen any of these shows and what you think of them, or if you plan on watching them after reading this. Also let me know what shows you've been enjoying recently!
Thank you for reading, April.

For more shows that I recommend, try reading my post on 10 Must See Shows Available On Netflix that breaks away from the most common, popular shows. 

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  1. I love the Walking Dead, I was super late on the band wagon but it's really good. Giving me some very strange dreams though... Bates motel sounds awesome too!

    JaynieShannon | Beauty & Lifestyle


    1. I can't wait for TWD to come back! I regret taking so long to watch it but it was good not having to wait for new episodes to come out. I think I only had 1 or 2 weird dreams from it. Definitely try Bates Motel when you can! I'm almost to the end :(
      April x

  2. Ooh thanks for the recommendations! I have to admit that most of the British/American TV I watch is on the trashy reality tv side... But I've heard great things about Glow and Girl boss and this reminded me that I need to give them a watch :)

    1. Mine used to be terrible before I stopped watching TV and just started watching everything online.. it's still not great though. DO IT and let me know what you think :)

  3. I'm always kinda in two minds about Riverdale, I like it and want to keep watching it but sometimes I do find moments in it to be pretty cringe-worthy...

    I agree with you on TWD as well, it's nothing like any other zombie related show I've seen before and I think that's why sometimes when people say they don't like the show but haven't actually watched it, it really annoys me!!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Yes I agree! It's very cringey at times but I got into it quite a bit hahah. I was so against watching it but it's honestly become one of my favourite series. I can't wait for another series, I miss Negan!


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