Monthly Music Favourites | June 2017


The time has come to look back over my favourite songs of the past two months, and is there anything better than writing a blog post while eating a Thornton's Easter egg in June? So grab your Easter eggs kids, or preferred snack and let's delve in to some awesome tunes you'll want to get in your ears, if you haven't already. I have slacked a little this month with posts (sorry) due to starting a new side job booking bands at local shows and doing more photography, as well as SlamDunk and Download festival. That means that this will be for April - June, but I have kept it narrowed down to my most listened to.

We have quite the mix up this time, with new releases and old classics, favourite bands and new bands, heavy metal and pop, and a few extras I found quite catchy. Starting off the playlist we have All That Remains with What If I Was Nothing. This song was rediscovered at a down time, and I couldn't stop listening to it, even when my mood had lifted. This then got me in the mood for some more heavy metal including all time favs Five Finger Death Punch and Stone Sour.

In the form of new bands discovered this month we have With ConfidenceNow And On Earth and The One Hundred. I apologise to some of you who may not like the next decision, but I had to add Paramore and their track Hard Times. I know a lot of people have said they don't like it, and at first listen I wasn't keen. I then gave it a chance and it has been the most catchy and summery song I've heard in a while. After about the tenth time playing it, I just had to include it. This also goes for Papa Roach too. One thing I love about this release apart from it just being amazing, is that it still sounds like Papa Roach! With a lot of bands changing up their styles and sound lately, it's nice to hear something that still sounds true to them. I always forget how much I love this band until I rediscover them again, and I'm so excited for their tour.

You can also find tracks from bands who have played local shows lately that I really enjoyed including; Chuggaboom, Courage My Love, Halflives and Vexxes. Not forgetting Simple Plan and Steel Panther who were standout bands for me at Download, and awesome tracks from Lizzy Farrall and Our Hollow Our Home. I know that OHOH were included on my last months favourites, but I saw them live this month and had such a great time. I ended up getting a black eye which still hasn't gone 2 weeks later, but I think they deserve another spot this month.

Let me know your thoughts on my choices and leave a comment sharing what songs you've been loving this month. You can follow me on Spotify for more playlists.
Thanks for reading, and happy listening. April

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