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This past week has been rather good weather, so when my boyfriend and I had a day off together we decided it was time to go on a little trip. Bristol is a city I truly adore, and although it's the closest one to me, I very rarely visit it anymore. I used to go a lot, so I do know some areas of the city, but I find that with every trip is the opportunity to discover something new. While there is a lot to do in Bristol from escape room experiences to watching a show at the hippodrome, this time we decided to just go for a chilled day in the sun. 

We started off with a quick service stop, where we grabbed a Starbucks from the drive-thru. I was never really a huge Starbucks fan, but the pleasant customer service and delicious Caramel Frappuccino started the day off well. Like true Somerset born and bred, the first thing on our minds when we arrived was to enjoy a nice cold cider in the sun. We parked near the college green, and decided to find a pub/bar near the harbour. Walking around this city tends to make me happy for one of two reasons; either there is incredible artwork to admire or its reminded me of a scene from Skins. 

We eventually we got to The Apple, a bar converted barge parked up on the side of the river. Sadly the bar on the boat was closed, but we did take advantage of its river side seating, and enjoyed some chilled Thatcher's Haze. After a long chat and some people watching, we eventually decided it was time for food. We had a quick google search for some vegan places in the area (if you have any suggestions please comment), and thought a place in the market sounded interesting. We took a walk through the market stopping at some record shops and having a quick flick through. Sadly I didn't find anything that I was dying to buy, but I do enjoy browsing record shops and their general vibe. We decided not to get food in the market, but looked over some of the stalls selling various treats, and cacti on our way. 

We walked down some of the backstreets around Bristol, heading back the way we came, debating on where to go next. Passing 2 for 1 mojito signs reluctantly before arriving in the area of Turtle Bay. Nathan claimed that he had enjoyed a good vegan meal there before, so we checked out the menu and headed inside. The restaurant is Caribbean, so there is a big variety on the menu that you wouldn't get in most places around Bristol, as well as many vegetarian/vegan options if needed. The seating wasn't the best with small tables and skinny chairs, but the decorations made up for it aplenty. The Rum Bar neon sign was promising alone, but my attention was mainly drawn to the many speakers and old television set stuck to the wall. If there's anything I like more than delicious food at a restaurant, it's pretty and unique decor. 

Luckily, the food was also delicious. Nath enjoyed a vegan wrap while I went for the pulled chicken version, shame on me. However, it was delicious and accompanied by the spicy fries made it even better. I struggled to finish it all, but that may be because I filled up on 2 mojitos. That's right, did I forget to mention that they have 2 for 1 cocktails?  By the time we left, I was one happy, full bunny.  

We finished our trip with a quick look around an art supply shop near by, that reminded me of my college days and instantly got me wanting to buy a sketchbook and start painting. We then walked up to Brandon Hill featured in Skins when Cassie stands on the bench,  and had a relaxing sit down with some more people watching before heading home. Overall it wasn't a truly thrilling day, and I thank you if you've read this far. But sometimes it's nice to have a day off, relax, sit and talk, wonder around a city you enjoy and absorb the views. I would highly recommend visiting Bristol if you never have, and to also check out Turtle Bay as there's many more around the country. 

Thank you for reading, and watch Skins if you haven't already, April.
Please leave a comment answering: What is your favourite city to go to, and what do you like to do there? If you have seen Skins, who is your favourite character?

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  1. I've never been to Bristol but I'd love to one day! My favourite city to go to is London! That food looks amazing; I love your photos!


    1. Bristol is a pretty cool city for someone who is about 3 hours + away from London like myself. I think if I could visit and spend more time in London I would, but it's more for weekends away and things for me :( There's definitely some places I want to go in London though! It really was. I was actually craving it a few days later haha. Thank you!

  2. Your blog is amazing! I love the header! Looks like you had a great time in Bristol, I've always wanted to go to a Turtle Bay but haven't had chance yet. I shall have to put it on my to-do list. Loving the Skins references :') and your photos are amazing too!

    Stacie x


    1. Thank you very much Stacie! Every time I see this photo it makes me hungry again and I just want to go back. I think it's going to be my new go to restaurant for celebrations. It used to be TGI Friday's but my bf is vegan now so we need a place with more options. Plus who doesn't love 2 for 1 mojitos? x


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