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If you go to a weekend music festival with an early bird ticket you are granted access to camp at the site two days before the music begins. For Download this is an extra cost of £10 and in my experience, it is definitely worth it. Just simply purchase a 5 night ticket instead of a 3 night ticket and you're good to go. So you've got your ticket, but what are you going to do for the first two days before the music? Have no fear, I have some suggestions. Disclaimer: This post contains ideas based on alcohol consumption. Please drink responsibly and only if you are of age. 

If you're going early bird, this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get an easy ride for finding a camping spot, so you'll still want to head down early and get your spot. We usually get to Download around 12pm on the Wednesday and a lot of spaces have been filled. I would generally say that when going early bird, a bigger group is better. There's more people to laugh, joke and talk to as well as to entertain you with their funny drunk antics. 


Download has a village which you can access throughout the entire duration of the festival. This contains general basics such as showers, first aid, information desks, lockers and lost property. However it also has:

• The Doghouse
• Comedy Tent
• Cinema
• Food stalls
• Supermarket
• Camping supplies
• Clothing & Accessories
• Miscellaneous stalls
• Fairground rides


What is Download without some camp drinking games? It's a quick, fun way to get drunk but I also find that drinking games help you to bond and get to know new people. So whether you're camping with some people you don't know or you've invited over your camping neighbours, some of these may help you to make festival friends for life (FFFL).

• Gazebo Ball (a ball) - This is very popular in our camp and played the entire weekend. Using a small ball (last year we used something like this found at Tesco's last minute) everyone sits in a circle and the person with the ball throws it at someone else's drink. If they hit your can, you drink. Aim for the shots where you can hit a fresh can and it shakes up over them, or hit it hard enough to make them drop their drink.

• Marking T-shirts (white t-shirts and markers) - Everyone wear a plain white t-shirt and mark off every time you finish your drink. The one with the most at the end wins, which you can create your own prizes and forfeits. e.g. crate of beer, loser pays for breakfast. You can also write and draw stuff on each others t-shirts for extra laughs and I think it'd be a cool souvenir at the end.

• Can Towers (duct or parcel tape) - Every time you open a new can, tape it to your previous one, creating a long tower of beer cans which will eventually get harder to drink from.

Ring of Fire (playing cards & a cup) - Mix the cards, and arrange them face down in a circle around the cup. Take it in turns to pull cards. Click here for each card's meaning. 

Picolo (a phone with the Picolo app) - Picolo has become my go to drinking game when traveling to concerts, or hanging out at a local gig at the pub. I recently discovered it while pre drinking for Parkway Drive. I'm due an upgrade soon so I think I'm going to take my iPhone for the first time this year purely so we can play Picolo on the first two days. Just follow the instructions, answer the questions and watch yourselves get drunk. I believe it is available on Apple and Android. Don't download Picollo (double L's), that version sucks.

• Plane - If you see a plane, drink! This game starts from the minute you get near to Donington. Count the amount you see in the car and catch up while waiting to get in or setting up your tent. 

And if those fail, how about a simple game of Never Have I Ever, Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare. Last year some people camping near us took a table and played Beer Pong too. 


If you're not that into drinking games how about taking some games like Cards Against Humanity or Uno? The first year I went someone bought Inflatable Boxing which gave us a lot of entertainment, or you could simply just take a bluetooth speaker and have a party/sing along. Download also keep adding new forms of entertainment over the entire weekend including:

• The Original Wall of Death - "They're back with a high-octane return that will leave you totally awe struck."

• Metal Den - "Located where quiet camp meets the trees, the metal den is a new wooded area with a bar and food, logs and picnic benches to sit on, lights in the trees and lots of butterflies!"

• Doghouse Club Nights -This year will see a whole host of 'versus' sets from the UK's best alt-nights such as UPRAWR vs Suicide Girls Ballroom Blitz and many more.

• Circus of Horrors - "Touring show, featuring an amazing amalgamation of bizarre, brave and beautiful acts at the Dog House."

and if all that isn't enough, from Friday you can get a tattoo, catch some NXT wrestling, catch the Area 51 performers, or Demolition Download and more! If you're going to Download I hope you have an awesome time! (Don't forget your free checklist) I cannot wait and will hopefully get some pictures to do a post when I get back on how it was. If you have any other suggestions to do on the Wednesday & Thursday I would love to hear them, so leave a comment. April

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