45 Things I Learnt at Download Festival 2017


This year has been my third time camping at Download, but each year is never the same. The gross festival feeling has finally left me, my body is no longer hurting and my heart has begun aching to go back. It's finally sinking in that Download is over for another year, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the fun times, and things I learnt at Download Festival 2017.

1. If you go to bed late the night before, you will sleep through your alarm
2. But my friends spend so long getting breakfast you can catch them up
3. The weather is super unpredictable
4. Getting through the gates at 2.30pm is not early enough for a good camping spot
5. The plane drinking game gets addictive
6. Issues are still good live
7. And Five Finger Death Punch kill it every time
8. Download's toilet standards are pretty good
9. They just need more of them
10. Mexican bean burgers are amazing at festivals
11. Seriously, vegan food is a saviour
12. Good Charlotte are awesome
13. You can never pack too much alcohol - someone will drink it
14. And it's pretty easy to take a few cans into the arena
15. Sum 41 have a salute
16. It's actually quite fun to put glitter on your face
17. But it will go everywhere if you take a nap
18. System Of A Down are better than I thought
19. Fair rides are a must
20. Of Mice & Men are still good without Austin - but I miss him
21. It's easy to make friends when drink gives you confidence
22. I forgot how much I like Crown The Empire
23. Simple Plan are incredible!
24. Getting up and ready in a tent is hard when you're hungover & it's hot outside
25. Picolo is a great drinking game
26. I know more Biffy Clyro songs than I thought
27. If you charge a £2 cup deposit, people will not litter
28. Airbourne are crazy
29. If I want to get a tattoo next year I will have to queue incredibly early
30. The lines for the portaloos are probably because people are writing/drawing on the doors inside
31. Some things you find are hilarious though
32. Alter Bridge are a bit overrated
33. Some people have no shame at festivals
34. You never get used to feeling like a plane is crashing down on you in your tent
35. Sleep is a hundred times better when you have a proper pillow
36. Steel Panther are hilarious and amazing
37. A lot of people can fit on the main stage
38. Vaping is also quite fun when drunk
39. Buy enough burgers from the same stall and you'll eventually friend the staff
40. No matter how much you industrialise the gazebo, it will eventually get broken
41. People at Download are very friendly
42. Aerosmith have so many great songs
43. Steven Tyler is awesome
44. It doesn't matter if you leave on Sunday/Monday, it's still impossible to not fall asleep
45. Download 2018 is a must

Bands seen: Motionless In White, The Devil Wears Prada, Issues, Five Finger Death Punch, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, System Of A Down, Alestorm, Of Mice and Men, Pierce The Veil, Crown The Empire, A Day To Remember, Simple Plan, Biffy Clyro, Airbourne, Steel Panther, Alter Bridge, Aerosmith

What an incredible weekend this was. I am so sad that it came to an end, but reflecting back has got me even more excited to attend next year. I wonder what headliners will be in store. Did you attend Download this year? If so which band was a standout for you, and what was your best memory? If not; do you plan to go next year, and who do you want to headline? Leave a comment below, and thank you for reading. April.

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