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This band have so many amazing songs that this list was incredibly hard to make, but I finally managed to narrow down my top 10 Bring Me The Horizon songs of all time, I think. If you've read any of my previous blog posts then you will probably already know that I'm a big Bring Me The Horizon fan. They are one of my favourite bands of all time. They are incredible to see live and with their genre forever changing, they have a big variety in tracks. 

My most listened to songs by them vary depending on my mood, and how heavy I want the music to be at the time. I would say overall that There Is A Hell is probably my favourite album, followed by Suicide Season and Sempiternal in joint second. I do like all of their albums, including the older deathcore albums, I just don't listen to them as much. I also really like That's The Spirit but I feel like as it is so popular it is more over played, so I tend to only put it on when I'm in an upbeat, pop kind of mood. 

So that's my thoughts on the albums, but what about the top songs?
From #10 to #1, here are my favourites:

10. Pray For Plagues

To kick off the list we have Pray For Plagues. This is from one of their older albums, Count Your Blessings and although I don't find myself listening to deathcore much, when I am in the mood for something heavier, I find that this song is one that stands out to me and reminds me of classic Bring Me.

9. Hospital For Souls

Next we have Hospital For Souls. If you didn't know already, I have the line 'There's glimpses of heaven in every day' tattooed along my left arm. It's quoted from the beginning paragraph spoken by Oli, which really caught my ear when Sempiternal was first released. It's spoken beautifully, with an even better message. This song goes on to have more powerful lyrics, and is a truly empowering song, especially for anyone going through hard times and personal struggles.

8. Chelsea Smile

I couldn't decide on Chelsea Smile or Diamonds Aren't Forever for this next one. Both songs are pretty on par for me. They both get me pumped up and ready to rock out. They're great songs that I can lose myself in, and instantly make me want to jump into a mosh pit. I chose Chelsea Smile as I think as soon as that song is played in their set these days, the older Bring Me fans rejoice in the venue and go crazy which creates a great atmosphere. But are you even a BMTH fan if you don't quote Diamonds Aren't Forever whenever someone talks about sleep?

7. True Friends

Throwing in something a bit lighter now with one from their recent album. I'm not sure if I have a favourite song off That's The Spirit. I tend to enjoy them all the same, but True Friends particularly reminds me of the last time I saw them back in November 2016. It was such an enjoyable show. I was rather drunk, but I just lost myself in the music, dancing and singing my heart out without a care in the world. I can be very self conscious at some shows, and it felt so good to not give a damn about anything other than my love for the band playing live in front of me. This song now sends me back to that moment, and how good it felt.

6. It Never Ends

I'm not sure what it is about this song, but it would standout to me a lot. The lyrics get stuck in my head so many times. I remember when I first started getting obsessed with Bring Me that I watched so many YouTube videos on them, including how It Never Ends was filmed. It's such a weird video, and I don't really pay much attention when it's on, but I find the song super catchy. It has such a good beat and I love the addition of the eerie, female vocals in the background too.

5. Fuck

When I first got into Bring Me The Horizon they were the only thing I would play on my walks to work. I would listen to half of one album on the way, and the other half on the way back. I played There Is A Hell the most and Fuck would be a standout track for me. I always adored the vocals on it, and thought it sounded amazing. It was only until recently that I looked on the CD and found out that the guest vocals are Josh Franceschi. It never occurred to me to look it up before, and it's obvious now that I know it. I think that he sounds great on the track and really gives it something extra.

4. Shadow Moses

As this song was released three months prior to Sempiternal, I feel like it got overplayed by the rest and I sometimes underrated it. That is until I hear it and forget how much I love this song. Again, it's an awesome upbeat song that goes down a storm when seeing them live. I think that the video is stunning, and it reminds me of the people holding flares during sets at Reading Festival. It's such a statement song for Bring Me and I think it sums up a lot of the band, visually and musically.

3. Blessed With A Curse

I think this is definitely one of their best songs, and it was so good to see them perform it live. I love how the verses tend to be soft and slow, building up to a big chorus. I think the vocals are great, especially the addition of Lights. I like to watch the video when listening to this song as it somehow gets me even more pumped up. It's such a good song to block out the world around you and lose yourself in.

2. Deathbeds

I actually didn't discover Deathbeds for quite a while as I didn't have it on my iTunes. I discovered it when listening to YouTubes Bring Me The Horizon mix, and instantly fell in love. I then later realised that it's a hidden track on Sempiternal and I would rarely play the CD. If you're a fan of Oli's vocals then this one will be for you, if you're not that keen then maybe give this one a miss. It's such a chilled out vibe and it's nice to have a track from a band like this. I'm also a fan of Hannah Snowdon featuring on a track. Her vocals are subtle, but I think that together they sound really good and I enjoy it a lot.

1. Don't Go

Finally, who would have guessed? I clearly enjoy tracks with female featured artists. This has definitely got to be my most listened to Bring Me The Horizon song. The first time I heard it, I became hooked and I haven't stopped listening to it since. There's something about this song that makes me happy whenever it comes on. It gives me that 'oh my god I love this song!' moment, which every good band should have. I would love to hear it performed live with Lights, as I think that their vocals sound incredible together. I'm pretty gutted that I got into bands late and never got to see them tour this song. I love the lyrics and how emotional it feels. It's a very powerful song, and will always be one of my all time favourites.

Honourable Mentions: Sleepwalking, Alligator Blood, Empire (Let Them Sing), The Sadness Will Never End, Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake, (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa, Blasphemy, Suicide Season, Run.

I made a public playlist of these tracks for any Spotify users (above).
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I hope you enjoyed my selection.
I'd love to know what your top Bring Me The Horizon songs are.
Leave a comment below!

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  1. I add: Blasphemy, Can You Feel My Heart and Happy Song! xx


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