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So you think you know your bands pretty well? Ever felt like putting it to the test? I have made a 20 question quiz to see how much you really know. Including rock, metalcore, post hardcore and metal bands.  If you're a fan of bands including: You Me At Six, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Being As An Ocean, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Sabbath and more then take the quiz and test yourself. Some questions are easier than others, so why not have a go?

Don't forget to comment your result. I'd love to find out what you got and compare scores with each other.

Disclaimer: The answers have been researched and backed up by google, as of 1st March 2017. Read the descriptions and answers clearly to avoid making any mistakes. Created just for fun. If you spot any errors please contact me. Images used belong to their rightful owners, and I do not take credit for the photos used.

Take The Quiz:

So how'd you do? If you enjoyed this quiz please leave a comment and what you scored! Don't forget to share with your friends and compare, April.

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  1. 20 out of 20!! Second attempt but it still counts! XD

    1. Well done! Second attempt obviously counts (even if you've been told the correct answers) x

  2. That was fun!!! ...I wish I did better tho! Got 40% 😅 There's some bands in this test that I need to go check out :) Keep up the good work babe ❤ xoxox

    1. Hahah I tried to make it challenging but thought a lot of the questions were easy because I obviously knew the answers so I didn't know how hard to make it :P. Also tried to vary the bands a lot ;) Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :) x


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