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Last Thursday, I spent the afternoon in Glastonbury. The sun was shining for the first time in a while, without it breaking into rain a couple of minutes later, or being blown over by the wind. The mission was to enjoy a simple afternoon, getting a coffee and some more incense, while not spending too much money. I have been to Glastonbury on quite a few trips, and thought I'd pass on what I've observed, in case you fancy visiting.

The notorious Glastonbury festival (which is actually closer to Pilton, than Glastonbury) makes the small town rather popular. Being one of the most popular music festivals in the world, obviously means that it'll attract attention to the town, but luckily this doesn't mean that it's ruined the town. I continuously see alternative shops like the ones here, closing down because of lack of interest but the popularity of this town is probably the thing that keeps the shops going.

As someone who adores street art, I'm constantly on the look out for incredible graffiti to admire, and there's quite a bit of art spread across the town. All of course are bold, vibrant and filled with positive vibes. Beauty can be found all over Glastonbury, from the signs with punny names, interesting designs and man drawing with chalk on the pavement,  to the architecture of old buildings and displays outside of shops. It's quite strange, but there is a noticeable difference in the atmosphere at Glastonbury, than any surrounding town in Somerset that I have been to. I instantly feel a welcoming and positive vibe after stepping out of the car, seeing a variety of different people all going about their day with smiles on their faces.

I once came here with my friend who is slightly oblivious to this kind of thing. She knew little more about natural stones and crystals, than some common birthstones and had never burnt an incense stick. She instantly fell in love with the place and was begging for me to go back. She purchased some stones and had such a big smile on her face. I think the positive atmosphere can really rub off on anyone here.

We spent most of our day exploring the shops, absorbing the sites and just enjoying the positive atmosphere. After visiting a couple of shops we stopped for a coffee, taking a seat inside Hundred Monkeys Cafe. They're very welcoming and you can either have table service or take it to go. My favourite thing to get here is a warmer called a 'Cuddle'. This consists of warmed almond milk with vanilla and honey. However, they were out of almond milk this time, so I had it with soya milk which I actually preferred. We didn't try any of the food. Instead we popped into the bakery to get a sausage roll and a chocolate flapjack. The bakery offer many appetizing treats, all delicious and tempting.

Warm drinks at Hundred Monkeys Cafe range around the £3 mark. This can be seen as pricey, but is probably equal to Starbucks and Costa prices, so I don't mind paying it. Bakery treats are also a little higher than the average Gregg's prices, but not by a lot and are still reasonably priced for a quick, tasty snack. There are many things to do that don't involve spending money, or spending too much, and taking your own lunch is a good way to save. I think a picnic would make a lovely afternoon on a sunny day in Glastonbury.

Every shop worker greets you with a welcome and a smile, and a thank you when you exit. The smell of incense lingers as you browse the beautiful items and there are often calming soundtracks being played in the background. Glastonbury is a godsend for any practicing Pagan, Wiccan or Witch requiring items. It's filled with shops selling things such as; crystals, necklaces, hair dye, clothing, skulls, wands, tarot cards, home decor, runes, incense, taxidermy, books and much much more. Shops can vary from selling small rose quartz for a couple of pounds to selling geodes for hundreds.

The shop we usually get our incense from was sadly closed (shop opening times can vary here), but we did find another shop named Harvest Moon, which carried a nice selection. You can buy incense from a lot of the shops in Glastonbury, but there are some shops I prefer to go in more than others. A lot of the stores can be crowded and the setups tend to be rather basic with the items arranged on shelving or tables. Sadly, Harvest Moon didn't have any of my favourite Vampire's Blood, so I picked up two new fragrances to try instead (£1.10 each). I chose one called Confidence, purely due to the smell, although I think a lot of us could benefit from some extra confidence, and Black Magic.

My two favourite shops to visit are Elestial and Cat & Cauldron. Elestial is my favourite crystal shop. They have more crystals and natural stones than I even knew existed, and seriously know their stuff if you ever have any enquiries. They have a huge variety of small stones that tempt me whenever I go in. They also sell jewellery, and some gorgeous runes that I hope to pick up when I am willing to let myself spend some more money. On this visit I simply picked up one of their 'mystery £1 bags', where you can receive three different stones inside (one of mine was a sharks tooth). Cat & Cauldron is a bit different but located right next door. This shop sells a huge ray of items, with taxidermy and antique looking items in the window it's hard to miss. Inside there are huge bookcases splitting the store, with more shelving and cases containing items such as; wooden wands, artwork, tarot cards, candles, clothing, skulls, home decor and more. Some of the ram skulls they have in the store are simple gorgeous, but I can never bring myself to pay the money for them. However, I did fork out £2.50 on a wooden rune featuring the 'Mannaz' symbol.

There are many places around Glastonbury that will give psychic, palm and tarot readings, but the times can vary and I believe they're subject to availability, so maybe research and enquiry beforehand. However, I did recently come across an online site that will give you a tarot card reading (click to take a tarot card reading). I actually did the 'one card reading' myself and asked a question, which gave me a very relatable and positive answer. Give it a shot!

There are many other things to do in Glastonbury including visiting the Abbey and Tour, which I plan to do when it gets warmer. Have you been to Glastonbury before or do you wish to go? What are your favourite things to do there if you have? Happy reading, April.

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  1. I love these photos, Glastonbury looks beautiful!!

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun photographing this place. It's such a nice chilled out place to go on a sunny day.


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