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Blackwork is becoming a lot more popular and there is a lot of talented artists practicing it. It is my favourite tattoo style, and I tend to discover and follow quite a few artists through Instagram. A lot of the time some of my favourites end up being the other side of the country, or a completely different one all together. So here are 8 incredibly talented, tattoo artists that specialise in blackwork and practice in the UK which you should definitely follow and check out.

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1. Iain Sellar

Located: The Black Lodge | Portishead
I always enjoy it when Iain posts something new, as each design is just as good as the last. He's one of my favourite artists that I follow and I didn't realise that he's actually so close until searching it for this post. I'm in love with this design in particular. I like how both pieces compliment each other and the feminine touch added to the knife. I think knife tattoos are super badass, and my next appointment is actually for a knife on my shin. 

2. Rebecca Vincent

Located: Parliament Tattoo | London
 I want to keep this post varied, but all of the artists at Parliament Tattoo are super talented and I would love to get tattooed here one day. However, Rebecca's Instagram in particular is full of many pretty and quite feminine designs. Definitely check her out if you're after something botanical as she is very talented at creating floral/nature themed designs. I also adore the white highlights she adds to some pieces, it really makes them pop. 

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3. Curly Tattoo

Located: Tattoo Club of Great Britain | Oxford
Curly has over 24 years of experience and a different style to a lot of the up and coming blackwork artists, and the other artists included in this post. If you're after something bold, geometric and tribal-esque then he's a great one to check out. His designs feel very traditional and he creates them all free hand which is even more mind blowing. 

4. Matt Pettis

Located: Through My Third Eye | London
Matt is another one of my favourite artists to follow. I've been following his Instagram for a while now and his pieces are amazing. The lines are so clean, crisp and precise that its overwhelmingly satisfying to look at his work. The design themes vary from flat, Pokemon characters to shaded portraits. I'm sure you'll be able to find something you love.

5. Alex Bawn

Located: Bishop Lane Tattoo | Hull
I recently discovered Alex's work and it is incredibly beautiful. I instantly fell in love with the designs and the style that she creates, and I am dying for a piece like this. Her most common pieces feature intricate, mandala shapes and patterns, which look stunning on ever part of the body. Definitely check out her Instagram, and follow her, just for the sake of getting pretty tattoos pop up on your home page.

6. Thomas Bates

Located: 5 Keys Tattoo Studio | Norwich
Thomas is another artist that I have been following for quite some time and his work blows my mind. The designs are so creative and pack so much detail. He is definitely up there in my favourite blackwork artists, and I wish that I can one day travel to get inked by him.  The themes vary, but overall the designs tend to end up looking dark, mysterious and super badass. This guy has some serious talent.

7. Kev Richardson Jnr

Located: Bodycraft | Nottingham
This blackwork artist is very versatile from small cute designs to big detailed pieces. His Instagram features some awesome designs that will certainly get you planning your own, which has already left me feeling very inspired. I would love to get tattooed by this guy, as he kills the blackwork style.

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8. Mel Murray

Located: Black Dot Tattoo | Glasgow
Last but certainly not least, we have the lovely Mel. I believe that I started following her back when she was an apprentice and adored her small and adorable style. I thought that a lot of her designs would be perfect for fillers, but she does some bigger impressive pieces too. Everything is super cute and she incorporates dotwork beautifully. Check her out if you're in the Glasgow area.

That concludes the final 8. I hope you found this most interesting and discovered some tattoo artists that you like. Show them some support, and let me know if you would like anymore posts like this. 

Who's one of your favourite tattoo artists? And what is your favourite tattoo style?
Thanks for reading, April.

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