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I've never been much of a Valentine's Day person. I can appreciate why people celebrate it, and do nice things with their loved ones, but it's never been something I've particularly been into. The odd card was pretty much as far as it went. However, last year my boyfriend bought me roses, which I never knew I'd be such a sucker for, and this year he really topped it. We had an early Valentine's Day on the 13th as we both had work on the 14th, and I went over to his in the afternoon. After making a coffee he surprised me with fort he had set up, taking over half of the living room. 

He used bed sheets pegged to the curtains and draped them over dining room chairs to create the structure, laid down a duvet and pillows and decorated it with fairy lights and hundreds of rose petals. After crawling inside I was greeted by a giant panda bear holding a bouquet of roses, and I was in love. It was the perfect surprise. The coffee table was also covered in rose petals, with a plate of Malteaser chocolates and strawberry Lindors, surrounding a cake which he customized to make the heart into boobies, just our kind of humour.

We sat and watched the next episode of Homeland on Netflix, and once finished I went for a shower. When I got back downstairs he was in the kitchen making one of our favourite meals; cajun chicken caesar salad with sweet potato fries and salad mmm. After we had salted caramel deserts while watching Trainspotting, and snacked on some of the chocolates he had put out. He always brings out the pig in me. 

At this point I was pretty sure I was in heaven. The fort was so cute and comfy, and there's nothing better than a cosy movie night in with your best friend. We later watched Finding Dory which topped off the whole night. It was such a cute movie and I held back the tears as the film pulled at my heart strings so I didn't look like a total soppy loser. Although, I'm such a cry baby that I think he already knows it. 

I took snap pictures on my phone, but they lack in quality and creativity as we focused the evening on enjoying the time together. This was definitely the best early Valentine's Day I've ever had, and I don't think it could really be topped. I'm so thankful for the effort and thought that he put into the evening. I thought I would share this with you to:
1. Show you what a cutie he is 
2. Share the best surprise I've had and look back on it later on in the year
3. Give you an awesome date night idea

I don't think we can go back to watching movies without a fort again, I miss it already, and think that it would make such a good date night or birthday surprise. You can build it together, play games, watch movies, or listen to music, order takeout and spend some quality time together from the comfort of your own home. It adds a special element to a typical night in, as there is something very comforting and nostalgic about creating a den. Plus fairy lights instantly bring a warming atmosphere that can't help but be loved. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and had an amazing Valentine's Day with your loved ones. A massive thank you to my amazing boyfriend for creating this for me, and giving me the perfect relaxing evening after work. It couldn't have been better. Nathan has his own blog that he's just started, currently featuring adventures and nature photography with smoothies and more to come. I'd love for you to check it out and support him by sharing the love, which you can do so by clicking here:

Share in the comments how you spent it, as I would love to hear about it. Whether it was a typical day in work, meal at a fancy restaurant, netflix marathon alone or something completely unique, April

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