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If you haven't already heard, I recently took a trip into the world of Harry Potter, and snuck back these magical treats and tasty favourites to try. I thought I'd give you my opinion so you know what to buy next time you're taking the train to or from Hogwarts. You can click here to read about my trip if you haven't already. These are available from The Making of Harry Potter studio tour gift shop or online here.

1. Chocolate Wand

I'll start with the wand as every true wizard/witch needs one. I picked this wand up for £4.95, from a variety of milk, dark or white chocolate. It's a nice option if you would like to take something home with you but don't want to fork out £30 on one of the replica wands. Obviously it won't last forever, but the chocolate is good quality and it makes a tasty treat with a cup of tea when you're winding down from performing magic. Sadly the quality of the design isn't as good. The packaging is quite nice with the sleek box and gold writing, but the shape of the wand was made rather sloppy with that 'extra chocolate that ran out of the mold' kind of look. There also isn't much detail in it, but I do think it would make a great little gift for someone in the muggle world. (These don't seem to be availble on the website shop but everything else is). 

2. Fudge Flies

Next up we have Honeydukes Fudge Flies. Perhaps a gift for your pet rat that may like them as much as Scabbers, or just to eat as a small snack for yourself. Available at £4.95 muggle money also, this box is filled with fly shaped milk chocolates, which contain fudge chippings inside. Again the chocolate quality of these is very good, it's rather filling so you don't need to gorge on the whole box and can eat them sparingly. I wouldn't say you could really notice the fudge all that much to be honest, and the shape of the flies aren't that clear, but I have enjoyed snacking on them while creating this post, and think they would make a great, affordable gift.

3. Chocolate Frog

Of course, I couldn't not bring back a chocolate frog from the wizarding world. I still remember being able to pick up smaller versions of these from a local shop when I was young and Harry Potter had started to hit it's fame. I loved the packaging, and still do. These are pricer at £8.95 but they are a must have. These are one of those chocolate situations where they're almost too cute to eat, but I can tell you he is rather delicious. Sadly my frog stopped moving once we hit muggle turf, but he is solid chocolate and will probably take me quite a while to get through. Again the chocolate is high quality, rich and filling. I actually picked up a cheaper version of a Chocolate Frog when I went to Wookey Hole Caves which was rather expensive for what it was and contained very bad tasting chocolate, so this is a relief.

The trading cards are great quality, and I love that the hologram makes the characters look very 3D. There is an option of 5 different cards consisting of; Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Albus Dumbledore. My boyfriend received Dumbledore in his pack and I got Salazar Slytherine, given the choices I think I would prefer Dumbledore and Slytherine would be my second choice, so I'm happy. I do wish that they would contain a bigger variety, especially of some of the most popular characters. I would love to have one of Bellatrix Lestrange. Overall, I like that this one gives you a great tasty, long lasting treat but also contains a little souvenir for you to keep. If you're lucky hopefully you'll get your favourite house.

4. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

Feeling risky? If you haven't tried the Bean Boozled challenge yet, then this would be a rather good twist (YouTube video anyone?) This pack contains 170g worth of 20 different flavoured jelly beans for £8.95. Ranging from delicious banana, marshmallow and tutti-frutti to ear wax, dirt and rotten egg, the only one from the movie in the pack is Bogie. This is a risky one to play with a 50% chance of getting a very bad tasting one. I have tried a few of these already, I think I got banana, sausage, marshmallow and earwax, sausage was a very weird taste for a jelly bean. However, the good flavours are very delicious and I am a big fan of jelly beans. You get quite a lot in the pack, and I think I might keep these to share with my boyfriend so he can experience some of the gross ones with me. Look out for the bogie ones. 

That's all the treats I purchased from the Harry Potter studio tour in London. I hope you enjoyed this post and pick up some of these for yourself or a friend if you go. Don't forget to check out my post on the tour here if you haven't already. April

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