4 Highstreet Beauty Products I Am Currently Loving


Ever find yourself constantly buying different make up products because you can't find one you like? I always seem to waste my money on products that don't work or I don't like. I went to Superdrug to get the one product I always repurchase, 
collection 2000 concealer, and decided to pick up a few new things to try, as I still haven't managed to find many staples. To my surprise I ended up finding products that I am happy with and may actually repurchase.

Featuring The Simpsons for no other reason than the fact I love them, and this Moe Szylak make up bag from SkinnyDip London.

1. Barry M Define Liquid Eyeliner

A few days earlier I had watched MusicalBethan's video on her favourite products of 2016, and became intrigued by the Barry M eyeliner she mentioned. I started wearing eyeliner around the beginning of my emo phase at the age of 12. Since then I've tried so many different ones that I've lost count, including liquid, pencil and gel. Most recently I had settled on using gel eyeliner, and found one by NYX to be my favourite. However, it still left me with a light panda effect a few hours after wearing it and I wasn't really down for it anymore. Any other gel eyeliners I had tried such as Collection 2000 and Maybelline seemed to dry up quickly, and I could never seem to get a good flick with any of them.

I always use to be totally hopeless at winged eyeliner. I'd spend ages trying to create the perfect, even look, constantly wiping it off and starting again until my eyes were sore and I'd just give up. However, after seeing Bethan's video, I thought I'd give the wings another go and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure if it's just down to time and patience, or if it's this product, but somehow I've managed to do it! I still take my time doing it so I haven't done it everyday for work or anything, but I have done it when I've gone out and loved it. I actually did it for an evening when I went to a local gig around 6pm and we ended up going to a night club afterwards. My eyeliner was still in place and untouched at least 7 hours later which impressed me. It is still hard to master, but I think with more practice I'll be able to get it down. I will probably repurchase this as the colour is very rich (Super Gloss Black) and it doesn't take much to get a thick, opaque line. I also love the staying power and the shape/size of the brush.

2. Revlon Colour Stay Foundation

I haven't been wearing foundation for probably well over a year, as I was trying to clear up my skin and I was afraid that using it again would make it worse. However, with my skin dying down, I decided I wanted to give foundation another go to hide all of the imperfections that were left behind. I had heard a lot of rave about the Revlon foundations and I had been eyeing up this foundation for a while after seeing it recommened in many YouTube videos, including Zoella. I decided that after Christmas I was going to buy it and give it a go, and to my delight Revlon had a buy one get one half price offer at the time of going in, perfect.

I bought the lightest shade Ivory as I am rather pale and hate any foundations that make me look orange. I have been applying it with a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge after my sister put one in my stocking for Christmas and I love the result it gives. It's a good shade for my skin and it covers evenly. It hides my scars and marks well, and it seems to last rather long throughout the day. It hasn't caused any breakouts which is good, but I will say for a 'Normal/Dry' foundation, it does seem to cling and show the dry areas on my face from healing spots. Luckily they should heal soon, but if you have exceptionally dry skin I wouldn't really recommend it. I am happy with this foundation and plan to use it as a staple. Also contains SPF 20 which is a bonus as I  hate sunburn on my face.

3. Revlon Photo Ready Pressed Powder

Because I was trying out a new foundation, I decided to try out a new powder too. I had been using the L'Oreal Paris True Match Minerals powder. I did like it, but I also had my issues with it. It didn't seem to last that long and I didn't really like the packaging. The brush is okay and the idea is different but I just don't get on with loose powders very well and always end up making a mess. As Superdrug had the offer with Revlon, I decided to give the Revlon Photo Ready powder a try in Fair/Light. I apply this with a Real Techniques brush as I don't like the one it comes with. You don't really need to swirl your brush in it much to get a good pay off which I like. I wouldn't say there is anything spectacular about this powder, but I do like that its a good shade for my tone, how smooth is feels on my skin. I feel that it helps to keep my foundation lasting longer and I like it as a combination together. I also like that the packaging contains a mirror.

4. Bioré Charcoal Cleanser

I actually purchased this cleanser a little while back, but I wanted to properly try it before including it in a blog post, and felt that this one would very suitable as I am a big fan. You may be able to tell that it's slowly running out, and it has lasted a long time. I'm definitely going to repurchase it when it's gone. I never really found a cleanser that was worth recognizing, but this one leave my skin feeling so nice. I already knew about Bioré and how it's suppose to be super cleansing, so tired of the products I was using and spotting that they had a charcoal cleanser I decided to give it a go.

I like that it comes as a pump bottle as I find it easier, and a little product goes a long way. I would say it helps with spots, but it's no miracle fixer. It does easy the feeling of having spots and leaves your face feeling fresh, deeply cleansed and very smooth however. My boyfriend actually stole this off me once and then told me how much he liked it too. He has eczema so doesn't like harsh products, but said that he really liked how soft and clean it make his skin feel. 

Well those are my current beauty favourites, I am still on the lookout for more including a mascara especially. Let me know some of your current beauty favourites for me to try, or if you tried any of these and how you feel about them. Thank you for reading, April

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