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I enjoy watching tattoo tag videos on YouTube, as I like finding new styles, placements ideas and gaining inspiration from them. I also just like hearing their stories behind them and how they found the experience as tattoos really interest me. So I thought I would do a post on my own, I also thought I should do this before I get any more as I'm currently on 10. Here is the first 5 in order of when I got them:
- I have done a pain rating, but everyone's differs and I think I have quite a low pain tolerance.
 My first tattoo was a very simple one. I wanted a tattoo in this position for a long time and decided on an outline of an upside down triangle. Inspired from the Enter Shikari logo after I had an incredible experience at one of their concerts. The venue was unique, I got into my first mosh pit and it commemorates the beginning of going to gigs, as well as my love for live shows to follow. I decided to not get the circle in the design, as I didn't want it to represent only Enter Shikari and become a fan tattoo. I simply just wanted to remember where the inspiration came from, with the rad night I had and all the ones that followed.

Placement: Right forearm
Done: 17th August 2013
Time: 5 minutes
Pain: 3/10

(sorry for it being out of focus, the photos were taken from my old tattoo project for uni)
My second tattoo is in the same position as my first but on my left arm. I wanted a quote tattoo in this place for a really long time but could never decide on just one quote that I wanted, until just a few months before. The line reads "There's glimpses of heaven in every day" and it comes from a Bring Me The Horizon song entitled Hospital For Souls. The quote is spoken at the beginning of the song by Oliver Sykes and is my favourite part from the whole Sempiternal album. I chose this line from the quote as I feel that it is quite uplifting, helping me to remember to stay positive when things feel rubbish. I wanted something simple and basic but pretty for the text. I am not sure what the font is called as I found it online myself and gave it to Bex printed out how I wanted and didn't keep track of it, but it's probably easy to find. 
Fun fact: Sempiternal was released on my birthday. 

The full quote:

And then I found out how hard it is to really change.
Even hell can get comfy once you've settled in.
I just wanted the lonely inside me to leave.
No matter how fucked you get, there's always hell when you come back down.
The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had.
There's glimpses of heaven in every day.
In the friends I have, the music I make, the love that I feel.
I just had to start again.

Placement: Left forearm
Done: 12th April 2014
Time: 30-45 minutes
Pain: 4/10

My third tattoo was one that I had done myself. I always wanted a tattoo either by a friend or in the traditional stick and poke style. I introduced my best friend to the technique through YouTube videos and she became really keen to do it too, so we decided to just go for it. You can read about the process and about the tattoo in more detail in this post. It is far from perfect, but it was really fun to do and I adore it. My friend has a sun on her ankle and I have a crescent moon on mine. It took a long time because it's made up of tiny little dots and it got quite tiring.

Placement: Inner left ankle
Done: Sometime in August 2014
Time: 2.5 hours (yep, that long)
Pain: 2/10 

There is no meaning behind this one, I just really adore rose tattoos, especially in black and grey, and I found a few images online that I became really inspired by. I wanted something in between traditional and realistic, and wanted it on my inner, right forearm. I gave my artist two inspirational designs, which he combined and came up with this. I got it bigger than I originally planned but I am really happy with it and I'm glad that I decided to go bigger. I get a lot of questions and comments on it, mainly when I'm working and customers see it. During this session he also touched up my first tattoo (triangle) as it was originally done quite badly by a different artist.

Placement: Inner right forearm
Done: 8th December 2014
Time: 2.5 hours
Pain: 6/10 (7 in certain areas)

Next came the bear on my outer left ankle. Bears have always been my favourite animals, particularly Polar Bears. However, around the time of getting him, I began developing my style and my tattoo preferences. After having already decided on only having black and grey ink, I quickly fell in love with blackwork and dotwork tattoos. I decided that a grizzly bear would work better for this style and Bex did an amazing job. I gave her a reference design where she actually searched online for a photograph of a bear in this position and drew it from there. The detail is great and he's such a cutie, it's actually one of my favourites.

Placement: Outer left ankle
Done: 3rd September 2015
Time: 1 or 1.5 hours
Pain: 6/10

I actually got another tattoo in this session as we had extra time booked in, but that will be featured in part two. It will be linked here when available or you can keep up to date by following me through instagram or bloglovin'
Thanks for reading, April

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  1. This is pretty cool. I've thought about getting so many different tattoos, and I just love the meaning behind them for every single person. Each one means something for others, and I love learning the meaning! xx Adaleta Avdic

    1. Me too, tattoos can be so fascinating. I did a project on them for University, and loved hearing about reasons/meanings people got them and the overall process.

      I'll be doing a part 2 for my other five soon x

  2. Wow I'm in love with your tattoos, especially the bear it's so cute! I haven't got any myself but love them on other people but not sure if I will ever get one unless it's small. I love the idea of quotes or small symbols but not sure if I could get anything huge as the pain would be unbearable ha! x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. Thank you lovely, it's not a great picture but he is one of my favourites. Haha it's very hard to stop once you get one x


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