New Year, New Goals


Hello there, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years Eve! 
But it's time to start 2017, and focus on self improvement. For me at least.

As cheesy as it might be, beginning a new year is a good excuse for cleaning up your life and setting out goals for the times ahead, even if it does only last a month. I actually began a few days before the 1st so it didn't feel like a resolution but a conscious decision to cleanse myself. I've started off slow, and hope to work up so that I don't give in to my old habits so easily. Now, this isn't going to be a life change or overhaul. I simply just want to begin improving on myself, my health, self acceptance and life in general. 

1. Be healthier
I've gotten into drinking smoothies thanks to my boyfriend getting a nutribullet for Christmas. It's something we both enjoy and want to do more. It's actually more enjoyable making them together, trying different ideas and comparing each others. We've also began experimenting with cooking more healthy meals and having less takeaways. My current favourites include cajun chicken wraps, stir fry and chicken Caesar salad with chips.

As always, with healthier eating, comes exercise, but this isn't in order to lose weight. My main intention is to help clear up my skin. I get bad breakouts and my skin has never really been in great condition because of my diet. I see improvements when I put better fuel into my body and drink more water, so I intend to concentrate on it more. The other objective is simply just to become fitter and build my stamina. I've begun with searching small workout routines on YouTube, with a 3 minute, intense, bum/leg workout to practice 4/5 times a week (sometimes done twice). I've only just started this and I instantly felt the effects after, but I am set on it becoming easier the more I do it. My bum and legs are one of my most disliked areas but I will eventually start adding more into my routine as I improve. It would also be nice to see some effects and get more toned.

2. Become more of a minimalist
Since moving house for the first time in May, I feel like I did downsize a lot of rubbish in the move. However, as I am a sentimental person, I tend to find this difficult. I'm always questioning whether I should keep that jacket for next winter, even though I didn't wear it once this year, or what if my college sketchbooks come in handy one day. I find memories in the little stone from the beach, or leaflet from a day out and eventually it all starts mounting up. 

As I type this at 23:20, I just finished watching Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things on Netflix. This documentary has motivated me into looking for true worth in my items and decluttering the unused piling up. As I look around my bedroom I think, well there's not that much really is there? But what about the pile of backpacks in the corner, the hair products I haven't used since I moved here, or the nail polishes that don't suit me but I kept just in case? The empty perfume bottles I kept because I like the bottles, or the Pandora bags that are too cute to throw away? It all needs to go and what better time than after Christmas. This doesn't mean I'll be living life with 20 clothing items and the essentials, but finding value in the things I do keep and reducing myself from spending money on things I won't.

3. Travel and explore
Two of my favourite things I did in 2016 involved traveling. I went to Los Angeles and Paris, and exploring new places brings me a lot of joy. I like to document the trips I go on, and even just days out around my area were very enjoyable. We found some beautiful and unexpected places, which enabled me to have one of the best summers yet. I intend on looking into backpacking and devising a plan to do so. I really want to visit Australia, Amsterdam, Italy, Canada, Thailand or somewhere else in America next, and begin saving for my journeys!

4. Get better at skateboarding
Last year I bought my very first skateboard. I've had an attraction to skateboarding since I was young, (strongly influenced from the guys in Jackass), but I never pursued it myself. However, last year my best friend and I decided to buy a complete and take it up together. Through a lot of pain, falling off and messing up, we began to ride street quite well. I never managed to land a trick properly though and have set a goal to learn how to Ollie at least this year. I can't wait for the frost to go so I can get back out on it.

5. Be more professional with blogging
I really enjoy blogging but a few times this year, it has fallen behind other things. I want to concentrate on making my blog the best it can be and providing great content for my readers. I intend on making my blog something for people like me; wanting to get by saving money, only buying products that actually work, and getting as much enjoyment from life as possible. I want my blog to be about giving tips, advice, guides and more by writing about my experiences.

I only have a few goals as these are the main things I want to prioritize, and I don't want to distract myself by doing too much at the same time. Once I've learnt how to Ollie, kept my blog to good quality and become healthier, I will set some new goals, hopefully before the end of the year. 
Thanks for reading, what are your goals of 2017? April

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  1. Getting fit and eating better was one of my resolutions too! The nutribullet really is a must have and something myself and my partner use everyday!! :) Couldn't be without it now! I've made everything from soup to smoothies, juices and protein shakes in mine haha! The minimalism documentary sounds amazing! Watching this tonight after coming across it on your blog as I've also just moved house and needing to downsize to selling lot's of clothes I never use in replacement of more staple pieces that will be used daily. Good luck with your goals and all the best for 2017 xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. I think it tends to be a goal for a lot of people but after being unhealthy for so long it's something I need to prioritize and I'm actually enjoying. Smoothies are amazing, I need to look up more recipes to experiment with.

      I hope I can progress with the minimalism and do some blog posts on it as it looks very intriguing. I need to start saving money for traveling so I hope being more minimalist helps. You too, let me know how you get on! x

  2. My goals for 2017 are very similar! I would love to travel more this year!

    Bella x

  3. Loving this, that workout clothes is amazing!

    Much love,


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