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Every bloggers goal is to find the perfect coffee shop, right? Well on Thursday, I believe I found mine. Vinyl and coffee lovers unite, into this little place located in a quiet part of the south west of England. 

For Christmas this year my boyfriend gifted me with my own vinyl player and I was very excited to go out and purchase my first records, so we went to HMV and spent a lot of money on 5 albums. And while I love HMV, I think if I stick to their prices I'll soon go bankrupt. We remembered a small coffee shop that we passed in a quiet town while going for a drive one day, and how it had boxes of records sitting outside the shop. We decided it would be fun to go and check them out, pick up some random music and see what it sounds like. Last Thursday, we had no plans and decided to take the journey to go and check it out. And what was meaning to be a quick look, resulted in staying for 2 hours until it got dark. 

As it was a very cold day and the shop was open, we decided to stop in for a quick coffee before continuing on our walk. Once we entered we were pleasantly surprised. We expected it to be like your typical English cafe, but it was like being greeted into someone's home. We were welcomed by a lovely lady and gentlemen who offered us coffee immediately, with many options available. I opted for a simple latte while my boyfriend had a cappuccino. While we waited we were made to feel at home and began to browse the giant collection of vintage, preowned vinyls. Although no metalcore vinyls were on offer, the selection was a lot bigger than our local HMV and every album had character. From an odd coffee stain to a copy of Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell that had been chewed by their dog. The vinyls had character and life, and I immediately wanted to select ones to take home with me.
Of course, they had their own record player with highly impressive speakers. We were encouraged to select some things to put on, and the gentlemen talked to us about different bands, the brilliance of vinyls and his cafe in general. It turned out that its busiest in the summer, and in the winter they generally don't open up shop (hence why we were the only ones in there). The owner stops by to do some online selling of his vinyls in the shop, and happened to be open when we went, convenient. While trying to sip my coffee, I was in awe of the shop. The lamp shades had coffee beans in them, everything looked vintage and the aesthetic flowed perfectly. 

Chez Marie is located in Lynton, on the edge of the south west coast, making it an hour and a half drive from us. This sucks as we can't visit it every day, but it has quickly become one of my new favourite places. I already love traveling to Lynton as we discovered the Valley of Rocks last summer, which is the perfect destination for a day out of walking and admiring views. Although we didn't have any on this trip, the shop also sells food including; crêpes, pancakes, waffles and patisseries. I'm very excited to go back and try these out, especially in the summer.
Obviously we couldn't leave without buying some records, and although the original intention was to pick up something unheard of, I went with some simple classics that I felt I needed in my collection. My first selection was Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell, which he luckily had three copies of, so I didn't have to purchase the on with a bite section taken out of it. My mum listened to Meatloaf when I was younger and this album contains my favourite Meatloaf classics. The artwork is impressive, I love the colours and this is one of my favourite albums in my entire collection now. As stated by the owner himself, everyone needs a copy of Michael Jackson - Thriller, although the love for MJ's music came influenced from my dad this time. From researching online it looks like it is a first press from the UK, which I found quite interesting looking up. Next we have Cher - Heart of Stone, another influenced by mum. This was the only Cher that they had, which features Turn Back Time, so I had to pick it up. The outer sleeve wasn't in the best condition, but inside it's great and I think it adds character to my collection. Finally we have Animals - The Most Of. My boyfriend chose this one after he recognized one of the songs being featured on Sons of Anarchy. We put it on and we decided to get it. It's in really good condition and this meant I did actually pick up something I hadn't heard fully before. 
That's all for now. Look out for updates possibly on the food and what other vinyls I manage to pick up. Check out their Facebook page: @vinyl.lounge.lynton, give them a like, send them some love and check it out if you're in the area. We need more places like this in the UK, if you have one support it as best you can and let me know so I have some more to check out. April

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