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The album I have been waiting for is here, and (finally) so is the review. 'Earthbound' Bury Tomorrow's fourth studio album, has been released for just over 2 weeks now and is doing really well. I feel that Earthbound has received a lot more recognition than Runes, and according to Dani Winter-Bates it has doubled the amount of album sales. 

I personally became a fan of Bury Tomorrow just before Runes was released, becoming hooked on the tracks from their Union of Crowns album. I then went to see them Headline at Slam Dunk Festival 2014. Their stage presence and energy enticed me and they became my favourite band of the day immediately. I've seen them a few more times since then, including at Slam Dunk Festival 2015 where they were special guests. I am seeing them support Parkway Drive on Monday and I am very excited. Although I am intrigued to see Parkway, the main selling point of this tour for me was Bury Tomorrow. I have to travel further than normal as there was no Cardiff or Bristol date, so originally I was unsure but I decided that Bury Tomorrow will make it definitely worth it. In preparation for the show, I spent Thursday listening to Earthbound through and through (does anybody else do this before a concert?). I have had it on repeat since and really love it. I'm still not sure which album is my favourite as there isn't a distinct difference like there is in BMTH's albums. They're all as good as each other and it's hard to compare. Although, I have to admit Lionheart will forever be my favourite track. 

I preordered the album and t-shirt from the bandstores website. However, a couple days after the album release date, I still hadn't received anything and decided to investigate, finding out that it hadn't gone through somehow. I ordered the package again which arrived quickly, but I missed the delivery and it was stuck at the post office over the weekend. I finally got to pick it up on Tuesday, and have already worn the t-shirt. 

When I first saw the t-shirt design I wasn't completely sold. However, I went for it anyway and I am glad I did. I only would have ended up purchasing it at a show later on for £20. I adore the artwork for this album and the quality of the print on the t-shirt compliments the design. I am a big fan of blackwork designs, and this artwork has incredible detail, I particularly like the snakes and wolf. 

One thing that did disappoint me was that the lyric book is a poster of the album artwork and doesn't contain any other imagery. One of the things I like most about physical CDs is looking at the artwork. However, I was surprised to see that it came with a signed insert. It states on the website that it is only until stock lasts, and as I ordered it after the release I was expecting them to be sold. I do think that getting the bundle was a good idea and worth the price, as I would have probably ended up buying both items later on for £25-£30. 

1. The Eternal 
2. Last Light
3. Earthbound
4. The Burden
5. Cemetery
6. Restless & Cold 
7. 301
8. Memories
9. For Us
10. Bloodline

Okay now let's get to the music. Earthbound features 10 tracks that accurately represent Bury Tomorrow. When listening to these tracks I can picture them on stage, bouncing around, screaming in faces and their powerful stances. The band are full of energy and the songs are reflective of this. When I first listened through the album, I have to admit that the songs that stood out the most were the ones that have already been released: Last Light, Earthbound, Memories and 301. However, after a couple of listens The Burden and For Us are slowly creeping up to being favourites. 

The album kicks off with 'The Eternal' with heavy guitars and screaming vocals, there's no waiting around for a build up. They get straight to the point and slowly Jason's catchy backing vocals creep in. I always found his voice to be a perfect combination with Dani's screams and I think this was one of the things that initially drew me to them. 'Last Light' follows again quickly kicking into it, but this time with Jason opening the vocals. The choruses are catchier this time and it feels more energetic than the previous track. 

Title track 'Earthbound' features third on the album. There is more of a build up to vocals this time, however it is still kept lively and upbeat. There is no time for sad and slow on this album it seems. I think this track is most reflective of their previous album Runes, but with an extra edge and noticeable mark of upping their game. 'The Burden' follows and the liveliness begins to slow down for a moment. I find the lyrics of this track quite simple, but they still compile a good story. I don't find the guitar work in this song exceptionally outstanding, but it is still catchy enough to become a good hit. 

I like the chorus of 'Cemetery', although I feel that lyrically it isn't that strong. However, I can see this being a song that gets stuck in my head and I end up listening to repeatedly without really noticing, it's already getting stuck now. Lyrically and musically the album picks up with 'Restless & Cold', opening with an interesting riff and keeping up the standards throughout. '301' is next which features Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. I can't say that I am a particular fan of his voice. Again, I don't think that this song is lyrically strong, I find the chorus guitar work and clean vocals catchy, but I don't think it is one of the strongest songs on the album. 

'Memories' is possibly one of the greatest albums on the album, and I can see it being a real hit played live. Their talent shines through with a catchy chorus, upbeat chords and some heavy growls. The album finishes with 'For Us' and 'Bloodline'. Both are good songs, but I don't find them revolutionary. They're enjoyable tracks with good lyrics and breakdowns but are just general album filler. I also fill that 'Bloodline' ends almost abruptly, and you're almost expecting more to come. They contain good vocals and riffs and definitely reflect Bury Tomorrow's sound. I feel that the majority of this album is almost Bury Tomorrow 2.0. Similar to what they were before during Runes, but with a little extra heaviness. I think they have done well on this album and I can see them going far. They are certainly getting bigger within the metalcore genre, and will surely only go further from here. 

What are your opinions, did you like the album? Are you going to see them?
Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, April

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