The Devil Wears Band Merch | #3


Bury Tomorrow Death Biker Hoodie£28.99 | The Color Morale Anchor Journal$8 | Horizon Supply Sand Beanie £20 | Being As An Ocean Dagger Longsleeve£23.99 | Drop Dead Dark Night Bedding Set£50 | Architects Death Before Decaf Mug £9.99

I'm officially back and with a new DWBM post! I like to keep these posts varied with some unique pieces, and not filled with just band t-shirts, and I think this post has some pretty awesome ones. I chose this BMTH beanie, as I like it's subtle design. One of the things I like most about HorizonSupply, is the subtle, yet unique designs that they have throughout every product. Everything goes with everything, can be worn when and where ever, and isn't too 'in your face' with bmth promotion.  I also don't see many beanies in this colour. I have been doing a tattoo project for university, and although I've always liked traditional tattoo designs, I've grown to become obsessed with everything tattoo related. I feel that Being As An Ocean incorporating it into one of their long sleeve tee designs just means I have to own it.  The Drop Dead bedding sets have been out a while now with the latest collection, but I still don't own it. Again, I really like the simple, yet awesome design. I'm one of those people that like monochrome designs and have a white painted bedroom, but I like to include things to make it a bit more personal and add some character while still keeping the colour scheme. 
Thanks for reading, April

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