Slam Dunk Midlands 2015


Festival season has finally kicked off for me starting with SlamDunk festival last weekend. I went to SlamDunk for the first time last year and had such a great time that I decided to go again. I was apprehensive at first as I thought the line up was better last year, but I think I may have been wrong. In spite of being apprehensive about the line up I decided to go anyway as it is just such great value for money and totally worth the 2 hour drive to Wolverhampton. Even if you're not watching bands just walking around the venue with a drink in hand is enjoyable as the atmosphere is great. 

We were late so I immediately went straight to the Impericon stage to watch Being As An Ocean who were already playing (luckily I only missed five minutes). BAAO were one of the main bands I wanted to see that day and they didn't disappoint me at all. Joel was incredible at interacting with the audience and making a great show from such a small stage, climbing on equipment and joining the crowd. I then went to the Monster stage which is where I spent the majority of my day, to check out Beartooth who my friends have been strongly recommending. 

I caught the end of The Color Morale who I was interested in seeing so I am glad I managed to catch a little of their set, and I think I may check out more of their tracks. Beartooth put on a great show. I had heard some of their songs before and I really like their sound. Don Broco crowd surfing during their set was also rather interesting. The guys I went with weren't interested in metal so they were at the Desperados stage for most of the day so I took a break to go and catch up with them and get a drink eventually heading back to catch half of Thy Art Is Murder's set. TAIS were one of the heaviest bands of the day and aren't usually quite to my style but I really enjoyed it and should probably listen to them more. 

While taking a break to get a drink I checked out some of the merch, noticing my favourite band (Bury Tomorrow) just chilling and meeting people at their stall. They're all such lovely and genuine guys, and the time they put into meeting fans only increases the respect I have for them. Davyd also looked cute in this tiara. After TAIS I managed to get to the barrier in time for Bury Tomorrow. I was really excited when they weren't announced as special guests as they always put on such an incredible show, and I actually can't wait to see them again. They also confirmed that they've finished their new album which I can't wait to hear.

 Next up were Crossfaith, who were one of the bands that convinced me to go. I saw them at Reading festival last year and were first up on the main stage, setting a high standard for the rest of the bands that day. They're so energetic and fascinating to watch and SlamDunk was no exception. They got everyone going and are just so enjoyable. I then went to find my friends who were at the Uprawr stage where the Winter-Bates' were doing their DJ set. I watched them for a while and then we left to get some food. Once we went back in I decided to hang with my friends for a while who wanted to watch Taking Back Sunday. I wasn't feeling it all that much so I got a drink and had a sit down but regret not going to see While She Sleeps. I also chose to watch You Me At Six instead of Architects. I have seen both before and this was my fifth time watching YM@6. They were one of the first bands I ever got into and they're always so good live that I thought I'd take a break from the metal and chill out near the back. I was also tempted towards YM@6 as they were playing songs from their Take Off Your Colours, my favourite album of theirs.

I had such a good time at SlamDunk and in spite of being on my own for most of the day I really enjoyed it. I got to check out some bands I wouldn't have normally, be front row for my favourite band and meet the members as well as survive on some unsatisfying KFC (probably not a highlight). If you're thinking of going next year I'd definitely recommend it as it's such great value for money and I am hoping the line up is as good next year as it was this year.
 Thanks for reading, April

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