Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens | Bristol 2015


Band: Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens
Date: March 31st 2015
Venue: O2 Academy, Bristol
Support: Issues

Just over two weeks ago I went to go and see three of my favourite bands all for the second time. It was the day before my birthday so I was extra excited, and I managed to rope my friend to go with me who doesn't really listen to the same bands as me. She decided to drive but had never driven to Bristol before so we set off quite early with the attention of having a few drinks before lining up. However, when we got to the venue at 5:30pm and there was already a giant cue of people. We decided to join the line before it got any bigger but it meant that we had a pretty long wait before the doors opened at 7pm.

It was quite cold out and I was excited to finally get inside as I began to get quite tired. When we finally got inside me and my friend were roughly in the middle of the lower dance-floor area that the Bristol O2 has. First up were Issues, a band that I wasn't sure on when I first heard them but soon became addicted with their songs stuck in my head for a good couple of weeks. I previously saw them at Reading festival and they sounded really good live although I was so exhausted then I didn't really get into it. Their songs are really up beat and a perfect gig opener to get the crowd going. A lot of people seem to know them which was good with the majority singing the words back to them. I particularly couldn't help take my eye off Michael Bohn and if I did it was to watch Skyler Acord headbang with that amazing hair. 

  After Issues came Sleeping With Sirens. They are one of my top bands and I love the diversity between their songs. I've recently been listening to their new album Madness quite a lot which has some great tracks but I am glad that their set list wasn't full of songs mostly from this album as their older songs are my favourite. They came on to Kick Me, a newly released song that I became quite addicted to because of the upbeat vibe. It's a really great song and got everyone singing as soon as they came out. They also played my favourite song A Trophy Father's Trophy Son (which I tried to record but my iPod didn't save the video) as well as their cover of Iris which is a great song. I managed to get to the third/fourth row from the barrier by the time SWS came on stage and ended up catching Jack Fowler's pick. I adore Kellin Quinn's voice and I think that the whole band are great live. I would definitely see them again and I already miss seeing them a lot. 

Finally to conclude the night was Pierce The Veil, another one of my favourite bands. The first time I was PTV was in 2013 when they supported Bring Me The Horizon and they were incredible. I got my friend into them that night and the crowd went crazy for them so much they may as well have been headlining. They're such an incredible band with some fantastic songs to get the crowd going, everyone was singing along and the acoustic was one of my favourite parts. By the time they came on stage I was on the second row with Jaime stood directly in front of me. He interacted with the fans really well and seemed to be really enjoying himself, which is always good to see. They played a good range of songs including a few of my favourites such as Bulletproof Love and Hold On Till May (predictable but such good songs). I also really liked the acoustic version of I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket. 
Overall it was a great show and a perfect line up with three amazing bands that I can't wait to see again. They're all so lively and entertaining. The only downsides I would say is that the bands sets seemed pretty short, especially Issues', and that Kellin didn't perform King For A Day with Pierce The Veil at the end, which would have been really good. Thanks for reading if you've seen them on this tour I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and if you missed out I hope you get to see them soon, April

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