You Me At Six & All Time Low | Cardiff 2015


On Monday this week the day finally came to drag my sister and best friend to a gig for the first time. I have been a gig with each of them before but never all together, and it's very hard to find similar music taste between us, so I was quite looking forward to it. You Me At Six is probably the only band that my sister likes out of my music taste so I have been waiting for them to tour the UK for a while. When I saw the tour posters around Reading festival last year, I text them both straight away saying that we would have to go and bought the tickets as soon as they had gone on sale. I have seen You Me At Six a total of four times now, but I had never seen All Time Low live, so the co-headline announcement just topped off my excitement. 

Although You Me At Six are an amazing band and great live, I was most looking forward to All Time Low as it was a new band to see live. However both performed incredibly and put on such a great show that it's hard to choose who was the best of the night. Unfortunately I wasn't that keen on support Shoot The Moon. They're a good band but I just wasn't feeling their sound, although I did recognise some of their songs. 

I think what made my night was seeing my sister get into it and have a lot of fun. When I go to gigs with people it's normally guys that just stand and stare blankly at the band, so it was nice to have someone to jump around and clap with. I was taking a few pictures for my university project but I just took a few snapshots, threw my camera in my shirt which I gave to my friend and lost myself in the mosh pits that formed when You Me At Six came on stage. 

What I like about You Me At Six live so much is their versatility. One minute everyone was forming a mosh pit and I was getting crushed between sweaty people 5 rows from Josh Franceshi, and the next minute I was watching everyone sing a long to a slow song with their phones and lighters in the air. All Time Low were funny in between songs, although I do find some of their humour becoming outdated. They were pretty impressive live and played some great songs. I think my favourite had to be Something's Gotta Give, just because I'm still not over how good that song is yet.

As I said I didn't really take pictures, and I didn't focus on getting good ones of the band members like I normally do. Because we showed up quite late (mistaking the door opening time) we ended up getting a spot pretty much center of the room. It seemed quite far back at first (which I tend not to like for picture purposes and people blocking my view) but with the crowd constantly moving and getting into mosh pits, it seemed quite a good place to be. We stayed over in the Cardiff Premiere Inn, which was great as I was dying of thirst and drank about 11 glasses of water when I got back to our room. I was also super tired so it was nice not having to drive home for an hour. If you went I hope you had as much of a good time as I did, and if you didn't but are thinking of seeing either of these bands live, I'd definitely recommend it.
Thanks for reading, April

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