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Just over a week ago I received my little parcel from Bleached Jewelry. They're a company that sells 'grungy/boho/alternative jewellery with a high influence of natural gemstones and celestial themes.' I adore companies like this and have been following them on Instagram for quite a long time. I decided to have a look at their site and ended up purchasing three pieces. I wanted more but everything I really loved seemed to be sold out, however I did find a few that I liked that were in stock. The first item that I purchased is this small, delicate Amethyst choker. It features a 13" silver chain with a small, natural Amethyst in the middle. I really adore chokers and gemstone necklaces. I have worn this a couple of times now and it's comfortable to wear and great to layer with other necklaces to spice up a boring outfit. The colour, size and shape of the Amethyst can vary, but I really like the one that I received. Amethyst is a really beautiful gemstone and this choker was a great price. 
Next I have another gemstone necklace. This one is on a long 28" chain which is also silver. The pendant is a dipped clear quartz which is really simple yet beautiful. I adore uncut stones like this, and think that they're more unique than the popular 'wand' shaped ones. I am actually thinking of changing this to a shorter chain so I can wear it more regularly as an everyday necklace but I do adore it a lot, especially with a plain t shirt.
Lastly, is another long, silver necklace on a 30" chain. This wish necklace features a dandelion seed encased in a transparent, resin ball. I think that this necklace is really cute and unique, but I haven't worn this one yet. I am also thinking of transferring this one onto a shorter chain as I don't wear long necklaces very much. I haven't seen a necklace like this on any other store, and think it's a fab idea.  The delivery took only a few days, and everything comes amazingly packaged. The little bags the necklaces came in are so cute and there has been a lot of effort put into packaging everything. All the items I bought are great quality and I haven't found any issues with anything, I'll mostly likely be buying from them again. 
Everything is fantastically priced and adorable, so check it out at: Thanks for reading, April

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