Summon The Octopi - Nonversations | Review


Artist: Summon the Octopi
EP: Nonversations
Tracks: 6
Label: Sober Up Records
Released: 17th November 2014

Last month Summon The Octopi released their debut EP, Nonversations. Which features 6 tracks full of beautiful and relaxing, upbeat sound. Constructed by a one man band, German musician Marc Vogler is behind this incredible creation. It's not the usual sound I tend to listen to, but I am really fond of these amazing post-rock tracks. Because I normally listen to quite a lot of post-hardcore and metalcore bands, I find this EP to be quite relaxing, with a very original sound.

Following from the Intro, Slobodan The Sloth is perhaps one of my favourite tracks on the EP. The intricate sound of the guitars which eventually speed up but still having such a calming tone to it is truly wonderful. However, there is definitely something about 'It's Been Sick, So I Tried To Feed It Some More' that is marvelous. A short but soulful track with fantastic guitar, this time with a more obvious shift in tone than the rest. This track really stands out to me on the EP. Although, I really like them all and it will definitely be something that I will begin to add to my playlist. I think that this will be perfect for me to listen to with a cup of tea on a cold night in, or to relax to on the beach next summer. I would highly recommend giving it a listen.

You can check out the track Apricots Apricate here:

The video is full of weird and wonderful imagery, including worms and jellyfish. It's also full of negative images with bold and bright colours that can be rather strange and off putting at first, but I think that it blends well with the song and is actually rather beautiful. 

1. Intro
2. Slobodan The Sloth
3. It's Been Sick, So I Tried To Feed It Some More
4. Apricots Apricate
5. Rehabosaurus Rex
6. Lulling Waves, Sullen Gaze (All Is Space) 

Twitter: @SummonTheOctopi 
Facebook: SummonTheOctopi 
Thanks for reading and happy listening, April

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