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I have always loved tattoos and been interested in both the modern and traditional techniques used to do them. The interest that I have has lead me wanting to experience them for myself, and I have also always wanted a tattoo done by a friend. So, after I had shown the technique to one of my best friends and she took as much of an interest to it as I had, we decided to try it for ourselves. We looked up online how to do it and then went out to get the things we needed. It was very cheap to buy everything we needed and although we were excitedly nervous, we found it quite easy to assemble everything. 

I used this site to learn how to do it, as well as watching YouTube videos, then took the plunge. We used regular sewing needles which we attached to a pencil and burnt to sterilize it. We tied string along the needle leaving the burnt tip exposed, so that it would absorb the ink and deposit it into the skin. I also attached some masking tape to hold the needle and string in place better.

My friend and I looked at various design ideas online, keeping it simple. We wanted something very basic as it's a very long process, so we looked at different symbols and basic shapes. I really liked the idea of doing an alien head, moon, peace symbol or arrow. 'Stick and poke designs' on google images gave us a lot of good inspiration. The process does still hurt like a regular tattoo, but I find it to be more bearable on yourself. You constantly have to wipe away the ink as it makes it difficult to see the place that you are poking and it's also quite difficult to determine how far you should poke the needle in but it's something you pick up after a while. 

My tattoo (the moon) is all healed now and I had no problems with it whatsoever. I went to Reading festival just after it had been done and I applied some Bepanthem to it when I got home (5 days later)  like I usually do. I'm quite surprised at how well it healed. It's not perfect and I didn't expect it to be, but that's why I love it really. 

Update: 2.5 years later and it hasn't faded.

Thanks for reading, April

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