Bury Tomorrow | Bristol 2014


A couple weeks ago I went to see Bury Tomorrow in Bristol for the second time and it was as good as I expected. My friend and I ended up being a bit late as we had to go after work. The doors opened at 7pm and we eventually arrived and parked in Bristol at 7:30pm. The cue was still quite long down the street but as it had already started, we didn't have to wait too long in the cold. 

Once we got in I managed to catch the end of Slaves (US). They're a band that I have really gotten into lately so I was disappointed I missed the majority of their set. What I did managed to catch was very good though. After their set I wondered over to the merch stand, and while looking, Jonny Craig (lead singer of Slaves) walked over to meet people. I took a pass as I had only just gotten into Slaves, but I now regret not saying hi. I decided on a black Bury Tomorrow shirt and then realised that Davyd Winter-Bates (bassist of Bury Tomorrow) was stood talking to a photographer. I waited for them to finish and then decided to go and speak to him. I hate doing stuff like this as I never really know what to say without sounding like a creepy fan girl, but Davyd is one of my favourite band members and after meeting him, I like him more. He's really lovely and welcoming and you can tell that he enjoys his job and meeting people. I asked him for a photo, which he accepted. (I look awful in it from the rain, but I still really like it). 

Next up were In Hearts Wake. I checked them out a little before the gig but didn't listen to them enough to know their songs. They were good but didn't blow me away. Following were Hands Like Houses. I had heard people mention them quite a lot before and got into them a little before going to the gig and I really enjoyed their set. 
Last but not least, Bury Tomorrow. I had started listening to them quite a while a go and decided to watch their set at Slam Dunk instead of All-American Rejects. They blew me away and were so incredible that they quickly became my favourite band. They had a great presence and energy on stage, and you can see their passion in their performance which I thoroughly enjoy. Once again they had amazing energy and really got the crowd jumping, singing, moshing and creating circle pits. The atmosphere was incredible and I was happy that I got to be so close to the stage. They played a great variety of old and new songs in their set, finishing with my favourite, and probably their most popular song Lionheart. I think they are definitely underrated for how talented they are, but I am glad to see their success rise as they truly deserve it. If you get the opportunity to see them, I highly recommend it. 
Man on Fire
Royal Blood
An Honourable Reign
Garden of Thorns
Knight Life
Her Bones in the Sand
Anything with Teeth
Our Gift
The Torch
Of Glory


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