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Are you attending a day festival this year such as Slam Dunk or Warped Tour? I'm going to Slam Dunk on Monday and thought I'd post a checklist to make sure you're prepared. They're just some simple suggestions of things that I find helpful to take and do before I go. 

The Essentials:
  • Ticket/s - The most essential, if you don't have your ticket you won't be getting in, so make sure you have it. It's easily forgettable and the biggest requirement so double check you have it before you go! Also, don't forget any other tickets such as early entry/after party/train tickets home.
  • Bag - Taking a bag is ideal if you have small/little pockets, if you're taking public transport and can't leave things in the car or plan on buying merch that you don't want to have to hold. The smaller and lighter the bag you can take the better as big backpacks get irritating in crowds for the user and everyone else around them.
  • Money/Cards & ID - Festivals can be very expensive, their food & drink prices are high and t-shirt prices normally start at £20+. Estimate how much you'll spend and take cash with you, if you can so you don't end up losing your cards.
    Some festivals have an age limit (14+ for Slam Dunk) so if you're 14/15 and look young consider taking ID so you don't get rejected at the gates, also remember you're ID if you're 18+ and want to buy alcohol.
  • Phone - I'd suggest taking a phone you don't mind getting lost/broken, to avoid any disappointing mishaps. It can also be hard to text/call people at a festival so prearrange somewhere to meet your friends if you get lost or split up. 
  • Food & Drink - Make sure you eat something before you go, have breakfast and take some snacks that you can eat while queuing. It will most likely be confiscated on entry so it's worth eating before you have to buy the expensive stuff inside. Make sure to keep hydrated as you'll have a long tiring day using up a lot of energy, especially if it's sunny. Check the regulations for what you can take, but I'd definitely suggest a refillable water bottle.
I have made the rest of the list into a FREE downloadable and printable PDF, with space for notes and check boxes. You can get it by simply clicking on the image below. Please leave a comment below if you are attending any festivals this summer or if you use the checklist and found it helpful.

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