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I bought this Slipknot tshirt from eBay a few weeks ago as I really love the design, however it was in an XL and so it looked pretty silly on me. I decided to do a DIY on it to make it fit better and suit my style more, so I turned it into this sleeveless vest. I love old band tees, and vests like these however they can be quite expensive sometimes. Effy Stonem (Skins) and Taylor Momsen inspired this style a lot for me. This DIY is really simple and took me less than five minutes to do. All you need is your chosen tshirt and a pair of scissors. You may also need a measuring tape/ruler and marker (such as white chalk/pencil if your tshirt is black) but they're optional. 

 Start by laying your tshirt out flat, you don't want to use an uneven or bumpy surface as you will need to make the cuts as accurate to each other as possible. Next you will need to decide how much you are going to cut off your tshirt. My tshirt was an extra large and I cut in 4cms from the seam. You might want to cut more or less depending on your size, but it is best to do a smaller measurement and go back and cut more if needed. You also want to make a mark for where the bottom of your arm hole will be. I made mine quite low for a big drop sleeve effect so I cut 3cms below the original. If you don't want this effect I'd suggest cutting it at the original mark or slightly below. To make my marks I simply used the scissors to make a small slit, but I'd suggest marking it out to avoid mistakes. You will then need to join the marks by cutting in a circular line parallel to the original sleeve seam. I eyeballed it but you could always draw the line out first. 
Note: You don't want to cut the line in towards the design too much as this may end up showing the front of your bra. It really is better to do less and go back and cut off more if needed.  
You will then need to repeat the process on the opposite side which is why it is best to measure the marks so that you can get them accurate. It is quite hard to get the curve the same so a tip is to fold the tshirt in the middle and use the first cut as a guideline.   
And you are done! A few extra things you could do to give a looser fit include cutting off the neck line or the bottom seam. You could also put your thumbs at both corners of the armhole and pull slightly to stretch it. This will let the edge curve in slightly, helping to disguise any rough edges and uneven measurements. I didn't do any of these things as I liked the way it turned out without, however I may go back and make changes if I feel like it later on. I may also curve the arms towards the design more to give the top more shape but I currently like how this turned out and think it gave a more interesting design to my basic band tee.

 Hope you enjoyed this DIY and make some new awesome shirts, thanks for reading, April

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