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 Still not finished your Christmas shopping and don't know what to get him? Here are some great ideas for gifts for him. I think that the gifts I've chosen are more suited for teenage guys, brothers or boyfriends but they might hopefully give you some ideas that you could adapt towards older men in your life. Such as a different fragrance, dvd or tshirt that you'll know he'll like.

1. Drop Dead Rosy Boxer Shorts | £10 | buy here
Drop Dead always carry a lovely range of clothing for both girls and guys, but can sometimes be quite expensive. If you know that your man likes drop dead but you can't afford £100 for a coat, why not just get him a small gift of some lovely boxers. It's always nice to receive pretty underwear after all. If you don't think these are for him you could always opt for some Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren ones instead. 

2. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Gift Set 50ml | £32.99 | buy here
 Fragrances are one of my favourite things to receive at Christmas and there are always so many to choose from. The 1 Million fragrance has been very popular since it's release and this gift set is very affordable compared to some fragrances. If you don't think he'd like this scent there are lots more available which I'm sure will suit your man's taste. 

3. Vans Old Skool Shoes | £55 | buy here 
Vans are lovely shoes, with great quality. There are so many different colours and designs to choose from, but these old skool ones are my favourites. Probably something I'm going to buy myself after Christmas, but Vans are great unisex shoes so they might be great for your man too.

4. Tony Hawk The Master Skateboard | £49.99 | buy here 
 If your man is a skateboarder, a new board could make a great gift. This Tony Hawk board features an incredible design that will show well above the rest at the skate park. Each component has been specified by the legendary skater Tony Hawk himself. 

5. STAG Clothing Speckled Grey Beanie | £12 | buy here
Stand Tall Amongst Giants are a great clothing company with really beautiful designs. They have a wide variety of cosy beanies to keep your man warm this winter including this lovely speckled grey colour. 

6. Drop Dead Shoodie Mark II Shirt | £50 | buy here
Tartan shirts are very popular again this winter due to the new trend, and this hooded shirt is a great winter twist to a casual shirt. Featuring lovely dip dye on the hem and sleeves, your man is guaranteed to look good on Christmas day. 

7. Fast and Furious 6 | £10 | buy here 
 Fast and Furious is an incredible movie franchise, only getting better with each film. The latest two films are my favourite, as they are full of action with a fantastic cast and great storylines. If your man hasn't seen these but you think he'll like badass action movies, 5 & 6 are a great choice. Even if he has already seen this movie and enjoyed it, it's a great film that can be watched over and over.

8. Lost Boys Clothing Logo Baseball T-Shirt | £30 | buy here 
Clothing is also an excellent choice for Christmas if you know what his style is like, or can find something that you think will suit him. I really like the Lost Boys clothing line as they designs are super nice. I also think that raglan shirts look great on both guys and girls, and will be better for the winter than a normal tee.

 9. A Day To Remember Tickets | £24.95 each | buy here
My next suggestion for a great gift is tickets to a show that he'll like. For Christmas last year my dad got me tickets to see Noel Fielding & Russell Brand in London and it was one of my favourite shows, that I ever been to. It was incredible to see my idol and some of my favourite comedians live in person, and is something that I won't ever forget. I've suggested A Day To Remember's 2014 tour in February as they're a great band, but they won't be suitable for everyone. If he's not that into music or his favourite artist/band isn't touring, you could always opt for something else like a comedian. Some suggestions include Russell Howard or Russell Brand who are both touring next year.

10.  Ombre Chunky 2 Pack Boot Socks | £10 | buy here
Another lovely, small gift to give this Christmas. These chunky socks will be nice and cosy to wear on Christmas day and throughout the rest of winter. These will be suitable for most guys and make a lovely present. 

11. Common Courtesy Dvd/Cd Album & Exclusive Dead and Buried Tee | £36 | buy here
My last suggestion is an album. Common Courtesy is one of the greatest albums to be released this year, as well as Sempiternal by Bring Me The Horizon. Again, pick something that would suit to your man's likes, but I suggest if you want to get something a little more than just an album why not get something like this Cd and Tee bundle. 

I hope this gave you some ideas, and help with buying your Christmas gifts. 
Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas,

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