Dynamite Drug Diamond Review


 Introducing the 3rd album from TANG, Dynamite Drug Diamond. Tang are a French post-hardcore band who have been together for 16 years. They have an incredibly unique sound, that is quite like no other. Tang's music has the ability to instantly grab the listener's attention and pull them in to a whole new world of music, constructed from rock and metal. 
I had previously not heard of Tang but the release of Dynamite Drug Diamond has given me an excellent chance to dive into a new band and listen to some new music. With similar sounds to At The Drive-In and Comeback Kid, Tang have received massive praise from major French media/press and although they sing in English they're only now being introduced to English speaking territories.

With a combination of an electrifying voice and selective heavy screams, 'Highway Encounter' kicks off the album, lying down just a glimpse of post-hardcore magic yet to come. I really like this track as it defines the rest of the album really well. I personally think that it relates quite well to some of A Day To Remember's music and would be enjoyed by most ADTR fans. 'In Loving Memories' is definitely one of my favourite tracks of the album, I instantly fell in love with the excellent vocals on this track and I think that the heavy screams help this song pack a big punch. This album really explodes, sparkles and is intently addictive, proving a great title for a great album. 

I really love the artwork for this album too, featuring quite a simple yet dazzling design. It is really beautiful and reflects the classic sound that the album contains. This album was released on the 4th November 2013, and is available to buy now. So go check it out now and get ready for a new music addiction.

This album is truly incredible with it's intense lyrics, heavy intros and Tang really displaying their killer talent. The tracks on this album are really enjoyable and filled with a strong mixture of rock and post-hardcore. Tang have well and truly won me over with this fantastic album that will surely bring them great success. 

  Bringing a unique twist to the post-hardcore world. 

1. Highway Encounter
2. Run and Run and Die
3. Paint in Blac
4. Eve of Ceasefire Talks
5. In Loving Memories
6. Wrong Place Wrong Time
7. Hellissandur
8. To Wake Up With a Broken Heart
9. Lost in Prayers

10. Life of Shooting Stars
11. Roses out of Chaos

Thanks for reading and happy listening

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