Top 10 Stocking Stuffers/Gifts Under £15 For Him!


These are not in any particular order, just fun, small gift ideas that would be perfect for (most of) the guys in your life. I think that all of these gifts would be ideal for stocking stuffers, secret santas, little extras or even if you're just on a low budget. They're all fun ideas that I think most guys would love to receive on Christmas day. And what is even better, is that they're all under £15! 

1. Phone Case 
Again, I think a phone case can make a great little gift for any time of the year as you can always make them more personal by choosing something that the person will love. There are some really amazing, fun designs on eBay that can be found for super cheap, or you could even design your own! I think that a personal gift makes it even more special and a phone case is something you could make really personal. I designed this one quickly using Paint Shop Pro and Unfortunately they only cater for iPhone and Samsung cases but I'm sure you could find other websites that will produce other models. 
Personal iPhone 4s cases start at £9.37 on Vistaprint and they also sell many other products you can personalize such as pens and mugs. 

2. Jake Bugg Shangri La CD | £6.99 | buy here 
CDs have always been popular gifts and even the latest ones normally retail for under £15 which is great. I love the excitement of getting a new, shiny CD whether it is for a present or just something I bought for myself. I have already purchased Kodaline's latest CD for my dad for Christmas, however he has repeatedly said how much he likes Jake Bugg this year so I'll probably buy him this one too. To me CDs are great because they show that you know something about the person and their interests. 

3. Burgundy and Black Mini Beanie | £8.00 | buy here 
Beanies have been increasingly on trend with more and more people wearing them over the past year and they are also very practical. Perhaps more suitable for the young man, but still a great gift to keep the guy in your life warm this winter. I really like this burgundy and black beanie from Topman as it's quite plain and will suit many guy's taste. However there are many other options if you want to get him a beanie for Christmas (maybe on a lower budget?), just do a little digging for the perfect one for him, there are many about lately.

4. Insults and Comebacks Book | £5.99 | buy here 
A lovely designed, great quality book, to teach the men in your life how to dish out better insults and comebacks. This is a really nice novelty gift that, who knows could perhaps come in handy. I think that this could be a great gift for many ages and even women. I think little joke presents like this are great, especially for stocking fillers or secret santas.

5. Star Wars Tinned Confectionery - R2D2 | £5.99 | buy here 
Food gifts are always fabulous and greatly appreciated, and they're even better when they're featuring one of your favourite themes. This particular item is aimed at the Star Wars fans, featuring an R2D2 designed tinned filled with delicious mints. However, if your man is not a Star Wars fan but is a bit of a gamer there are a few other designs available including a Nintendo controller and Mario mushroom. Click here for other designs 

6. Jelly Alcoshots | £8.00 | buy here 
A fun gift for the party animal in our lives. Again, a great secret santa/novelty gift. This set includes a recipe book and jelly mould so that your man can make some really yummy alcoholic jelly shots. I think that this gift is quite age restricted but still a good idea for anyone you know who is a bit of a wild child and parties.

7. Drumstick Pencils | £4.92 | buy here 
I really like this gift, probably because I'm quite a music fan myself, but if you know any drummers or drum/band/instrument fans then these will make a cool gift. I especially think that these will be great for anyone who is still in school, but I'd still love to get these even after leaving school 2 and a half years ago.These are available in Topman however they are a bit more expensive. I found these on for just £4.92 with free shipping so definitely shop around before you buy when Christmas shopping as you could end up saving quite a bit.

8. David Jason: My Life Hardback Book | £9.00 | buy here 
This is perhaps a gift idea directed mostly at the older gentlemen. I think that my sister and I are going to be buying this for our dad for Christmas this year as he loves The Only Fools and Horses and David Jason. This is quite a restricted gift, however there are always lots of great biographies and books out every year and especially on great deals at Christmas. I think that they make great presents for any book lover and especially older people in your life that you know like to read, such as parents and grandparents etc. They always seem to be very much appreciated whenever I buy them a book I think they'll like.

9. Homer Simpson Pez Dispenser | £4.00 | buy here 
This is again a novelty gift that I would just throw in as a little stocking filler. I think that these are great as it's just a fun, novelty gift that you can get for pretty much anyone. I would probably buy my dad this Homer Simpson one and my brother the Bart Simpson one that is available at Urban Outfitters too. However, as they have a rather restricted selection, if there is not one that you like you can also find them in sweet stores, Claire's accessories and online.

10.  Topman Eau De Parfum No.16 100ml | £15.00 | buy here 
Fragrances always make a perfect gift at Christmas and with such a wide variety of scents on the market you can definitely find one that's right for your man. A good thing to consider when selecting fragrances is to consider how mature the scent is, does it suit his age? and what are other smells he likes/uses? try to find one that contains similar notes in it and you shouldn't be able to go wrong. Fragrances can range to a very high price tag these days, however if you're just looking for a small gesture/stocking stuffer and don't want to completely blow your budget this Topman one is a good choice. Retailing at only £15 for 100ml, which incorporates ingredients including black pepper, amber and labdanum. 

I hope this post helped with some of your Christmas gift ideas or even presents to add to your lists for Santa this year.  Thanks for reading and happy shopping, April

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