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Punk is known for being popular in the 80s and with recent items hitting the high street like dungarees and jelly shoes, bringing back the 90s, it looks like it's time for the 80s. The punk style consists of bright colours, mixing prints such as tartan and lots of studs and leather. Similar to the recent rock/metal trend when all the leather jackets hit our shelves, but with a definite edge. I love this trend. I love studs and leather, wearing black t shirts and ripped jeans. I also have a pair of Doc Martens that I have been meaning to start wearing for a long time. 

Punk began in the late 70s as a music genre which was initially all about rebelling. In the modern world punk is more of a fashion choice than a political statement as it was back in the 80s. Punk is an alternative style that isn't seen much in the public eye. It's become a similar stereotype to Goths, in the fact that it is not supported by everyone, and really only by those with certain music tastes and interests. Punk is all about rebelling and standing out. You do not have to change your style entirely though. This fall with shops introducing the trend you could simply embrace your inner punk with a spiked necklace, leather jacket or some cut out boots and just give your pretty, girly dress that punk princess edge. It's up to you to choose something that defines your personal style and reflects your tastes.  

1. Spike Necklace | £0.99 | Ebay | (buy here)
2. Death Bed Jacket £75 | Drop Dead | (buy here)
3. Tartan Contrast Sleeve Bomber Jacket | £20 | Boohoo | (buy here)
4. Tartan Cap Sleeve Smock Dress | £20 | Boohoo | (buy here)
5. Tartan Check Skater Skirt | £15 | Boohoo | (buy here)
6. Black Sleeveless Holy Shit Print T-Shirt | £13.85 | Sheinside (buy here)
7. Mid Waist PU Leather Shorts | £14.59 | Sheinside | (buy here)
8. Ripped Skinny Jeans | £25 | Boohoo | (buy here)
9. Platform High Tops | £13.49 | Ebay | (buy here)
10. Dr Martens | £90 | Bank | (buy here)
11. Alien Beanie | $28 | Shopjeen | (buy here)

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  1. I really like the style! I also like it, how you structured the page. Did you made the collage at the top by your own? xx


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