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Continuing with the recent theme of 90s trends and nostalgic clothing hitting the high street, I have noticed that a lot more Disney items have become available. From the cute printed tees in Primark to Hot Topic leggings, the colourful, nostalgic pieces look great and add some fun into your outfit. There are many pieces which are fully printed, or you could opt for a more subtle piece to add just a small hint of Disney to your outfit. It'll keep your outfit subtle but still add a hint of fun. One of the best stores to find these pieces, I found, is Hot Topic. There are many pieces available from tees, to leggings, to dresses and even costumes.
Hot Topic
1. Alice In Wonderland Dress $34.50 | buy here
2. The Little Mermaid Dress $34.50 | buy here
3. Disney Bambi Dress $34.50 | buy here
4. Little Mermaid Hobo Bag $19.50 | buy here
5. The Little Mermaid Tank Top $24.50 | buy here
6. Aladdin Jasmine Tank Top $20.50 | buy here
7. Peter Pan Vs Hook Top $24.50 | buy here
8. The Nightmare Before Christmas Moon Tshirt $24.50 | buy here
9. Beauty & The Beast Pullover $32.50 | buy here
10. The Lion King Skirt $24.50 | buy here
11. The Little Mermaid Ariel & Eric Leggings $15.99 | buy here
12. Rapunzel Costume $76.50 | buy here
 Thieves Of Thunder
1. Alternative Ariel Unisex Tee £14.99 | buy here
2. Mickey Mouse T-Shirt £6
 3. Mickey Mouse Long Sleeve Top
I'm Your Present
4. The Little Mermaid Party Dress £49.46 | buy here 
 5. Stitch iPhone Case £2.99 | buy here
6. Villians of Sleeping Beauty Plugs £9.51 | buy here
7. Punk Princess Style Ariel Plugs £8.24+ | buy here

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