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Spoiler alert.
If you haven't seen it yet then you can here before reading, as it might ruin it for you. 
Also check out my Skins Fire review if you haven't already here.

 The second installment of the new Skins series entitled Skins Pure, tells the story of Cassie from series 1 and 2. Co-creator Bryan Elsley took on writing duties this time for Skins Pure and there was a definite improvement from Skins Fire.

When I had previously seen the adverts for Pure and it's plot, it was fair to say I was quite disappointed. I love Cassie and she was always one of my favourite female characters from all of the series. You can tell from the adverts that part 1 would tell the story of Cassie being stalked by a mysterious character, taking photographs of her. However, being a big fan of the first series, and one of my favourite episodes being the one containing the story of Sketch stalking Maxxie, I felt like they had already done this. They did take it in a different direction though which made it a bit more interesting, but I do prefer the Sketch and Maxxie plot. 

Part 1, I found to start off slow. The first 10 minutes just showed Cassie living in an apartment block by herself and working as a waitress in a small cafe/restaurant. I was highly disappointed that the writers had chosen to end Cassie and Sid's relationship as they were the ultimate couple in Skins, and with series 2 ending with Sid looking for Cassie in New York, I was hoping that it would of all worked out perfectly between them. You did find out later on in the episode that the relationship just didn't work out so she moved to London, but it doesn't give much depth into what really happened which was disheartening as they were such strong characters together. 

I must say that Pure does have a step up on Fire, as it feels a lot more closer to the original programme. I feel like that they have captured these episodes in a better way, and more like they used to. Hannah like always, played Cassie very well. Cassie has a similar personality, style and outlook on life to what she always had. I am glad that Cassie is mentally stable now and taking control of her life. One thing you could always tell about Cassie was that she was very strong willed and independent. She doesn't rely on people as she doesn't really have anyone (before Sid), and now that Sid was gone she was back to relying on herself. Another thing that the episode informed you on, was that Cassie doesn't take drugs anymore, showing her stealing someone's cocaine expecting her to use it, but instead throwing it away. You can see that she is more stable and self-assured, doesn't take any crap and is a lot more grown up.

Cassie’s co-worker Jakob was revealed as her stalker quite early on in the first episode, which I feel like they could have made more mysterious and had a bigger build up to it. I would have also liked to see more of how it affects Cassie, as it only really shows you that she has covered up her bedroom window (one place she was being photographed) and her going to her neighbour's room after it had freaked her out a bit. 

After discovering who her stalker was, Cassie later decides to let Jakob photograph her. Previously showing Cassie receiving phone calls from her little brother Reuben and her father, she then goes to visit them with Jakob to take photos by the beach. These images then end up being shown as a backdrop in a club that Cassie goes to. It is made clear however that Cassie and Jakob don't do it for money or careers, so when Cassie breaks this agreement by modelling for a magazine it breaks their friendship. To me this is where the storyline got a bit lost. 

 It is mentioned in part 1 that Cassie's mum had died (although it was not made clear how/why), so when she visits her dad he is shown to not be coping with it well at all. It is mentioned that he is an alcoholic and doesn't take Reuben to school. Which when Cassie finds out, she shouts "nothing changes does it dad?!". This implies that it has been this way since her mother had died, and that the death had affected him hard. Also backed up by her mentioning that he had burnt all of his paintings that he had done (but one) of her mother. 

Part 2 ends with Cassie being visited by her two family members, and being told that they are going to Italy. Her dad had started to stop drinking and wanted a change so that he could get better. Cassie mentions that Reuben needs to go to school and although a school is lined up for him in Italy she suggests that Reuben stays with her while her dad goes away to get better. She then takes Reuben to her work place where one of the waitresses cuts Reuben's hair before opening time. I like this as it shows Cassie's new life of having to be responsible and grown up, especially now that she has someone to look after. She has never really had someone close in her life for a long period of time and now she has a really strong connection with her little brother and has to act like a mother figure to him.  

Skins Pure is definitely my favourite of the two so far, and I am a big fan of some of Paul Gay’s direction. I thought that the photograph's taken of Cassie were beautiful, and as someone who has an interested in photography this intrigued me. I also really like it as Skins has always contained really beautiful shots, so it made it feel more like the old episodes. Overall it did contain a few disappointments which was expected, but I still think that they were good episodes and worth watching if you are a fan of skins. I think if you're not, then you won't like it as much and I'd suggest watching the original episodes first, especially as series 1 and 2 are some of the best (in my opinion). Hannah put on a really good performance as always and I will miss seeing her play Cassie.

Let me know what you thought of Skins: Pure and also just the new skins so far?
Next week is Part 1 of Skins: Rise. Which tells the story of James Cook played by Jack O'Connell which I'm really excited for. I will also write a review for Rise too so check back soon. 

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