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Spoiler alert!
if you haven't seen it yet then you can here before reading as it might ruin it for you. 
I've been a big fan of skins for years and have them on DVD. I love the first and second generations and when I heard that they would be doing some "what are they doing now? catch up episodes" I was really excited. I think that series 4 was probably the best at leaving their stories on a cliffhanger so I was happy to find out that Effy and Cook would be two of the chosen catch up characters. I kept hearing rumours about Skins being out in March then May, so when I finally saw the adverts on TV this month I was over the moon. It was finally here. 

If you don't know, the new series of skins consists of 6 episodes which looks at 3 different character's (Effy, Cassie and Cook) lives, and shows what their lives are like now. The first, was Effy's story entitled Fire.

After watching Part 1 of Fire, I was left a little disappointed. I was excited to see Effy again as she's always been quite inspirational for me, and I've always been a massive fan of her style, and to no disappointment to me she was still the same Effy that I loved before. She's still blunt and honest, she still looks great and her style is quite accurate to what you'd think she would have. She is also still quite mysterious and closed off like the old Effy, and Kaya portrayed the character as well as she always did.

I also really liked that they included Naomi and Emily in the episodes and to see that they were still together. In the old series you always wanted Naomi just to confess that she liked Emily too, and when she did it was a great moment. To see that their love has lasted (even when Emily was in New York) was a great thing. So with some of my favourite characters back, still the same as ever, why didn't I enjoy it was much? 

Well, it wasn't the fact that Effy was working in an office for a hedge fund in the City. You can tell that Effy was always an intelligent girl that could end up being successful and having a big career. However, after her suicide attempt, therapy sessions and (although not shown) finding out that Freddie, the guy she was in love with, was murdered in series 4, it seemed less likely that this was going to happen for her. To see that she had turned her life around after everything, and that she was still as strong as ever was a good thing. The episode started with her just being an assistant, making coffee and getting walked on by her boss Victoria. However, confident, intelligent Effy manages to manipulate and turn things around for herself getting a promotion, with Victoria leaving and Effy becoming Jake's new favourite (although I did find the many scenes of just everyday work life quite boring).

Skins was always full of drama going on, cutting between each others different stories and problems, and this episode seemed more of a 'day in the life of Effy' with the boring parts still left in. I liked the idea of doing 3 characters stories at a time and focusing on one character at first but I actually got quite bored of seeing 95% of just Effy working. 

When Naomi announced that she had cancer I was left in a mix of emotions. Including saddened, and annoyed. I thought that it was good that they had decided to address the issue of cancer in young adults, but to do it to one of the funniest and best characters was quite saddening. I also felt that it was quite extreme. The characters were always such fearless people, doing drugs and getting into trouble and for something so serious definitely put a spin on things. Which I'm not sure was such a good thing. Although there was always problems and bad things happening in the teens lives, they always got through it and things were good in the end. Even when Freddie was missing, they still partied on in his favour. To end Naomi's story with such a sad, emotional issue was quite disappointing.

Part 2 got a little more interesting I think, as previously it was shown that Dom, a research analyst that was no different to any other guy when it comes to falling for Effy, had passed on inside information to her. It was a multimillion pound scheme that was highly illegal, but being Effy she was able to convince him to give in. In part 2, Effy goes to Dom for information again, which although Dom manages to put up a fight at first, he soon gives in again. Dom is a lovable character and when it comes apparent that they might get caught, I hoped that Dom wouldn't get taken down for it. 

The end of part 2 concludes with Effy being taken away in a police car, being the only one arrested for the scheme. It annoyed me that they did this because you can tell that the audience hoped for Jake to be the one arrested for it. They obviously did it for this reason, but I feel that it was not the way that they should of ended it. I feel that Effy was always a smart girl that could get whatever she wanted. For her to get caught to me was not ever going to happen as she always managed to pull through. I feel that if the story was to carry on another episode that Effy would have found a way to pin it on Jake and to take back control. Possibly become the head of the company? and shown the real power that she has always had. Not for her to just be arrested and that's that. 

These are my thoughts anyway on Skins Fire and I am interested to hear yours so leave it in the comments if you like. Although it doesn't seem it, I did enjoy seeing Skins and the old characters on my TV again and I'm looking forward to watching Skins Pure part 1, tonight. I just hope that Cassie's story is a little more to what I always imagined her future life would be. 

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