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You may have noticed that pastel shades have been very popular recently, especially in hair colour, and with summer approaching why not try out a new look? Pastel shades are great for summer, and I think that pastel/bright coloured hair can add something unique and quirky to your look. I like dying my hair and have had experimented with many different colours. Many celebrities have joined in on the trend including; Taylor Momsen, Lady Gaga, The Olsen Twins, Lana Del Ray and Katy Perry. All adding their own twist.

So how do you get pastel hair? 
(the same applies with any bright coloured semi-permanent hair)
It's quite simple really and once you have the hang of it, it becomes pretty easy. I'll try to keep this as simple and understandable as possible, but if you have any questions please leave them below. The only thing with having coloured hair is that it will not take to anything but blonde hair. Semi-permanent dye isn't very strong and therefore will only take to a light colour. (I mean you wouldn't paint a light pink on top of brown/black would you?) 

1. Going Blonde
 So the first step is to bleach/dye your hair blonde. If you have naturally light hair then I would first recommend trying just a platinum blonde hair dye such as live colour xxl, it isn't that expensive and can be picked up in shops such as Boots/Superdrug and sometimes even supermarkets. If you have shoulder length/thick hair you'll probably need two packets so look out for Superdrug's offers as they normally have deals on this brand. (see packet for recommend colours it can be used on etc). 
If your hair is not light enough to be dyed then you'll have to bleach it. Bleaching is highly damaging for your hair so I would strongly recommend getting it done professionally by a hairdresser, although it is possible to do at home yourself. You can buy powder bleach and peroxide separately from Superdrug which I have not used but I have been recommended it. It is better to buy the separate ones and mix them yourself as I have tried one or two bleach kits and they did not work and damaged my hair. You will probably have to bleach your hair more than once, so make sure that you leave a few weeks between bleaches to give your hair some time to repair. Make sure that you use good conditioners, hair masks and/or deep conditioning treatments in this time especially. Dying your hair dark to light will definitely leave you with coppery/ginger tones at first, so make sure you are aware of this before doing it. 

Note: If you have dyed dark hair it'll be a lot harder to strip than natural hair. You can also try dye strippers, although they did not work very well for me and I found them too expensive for what they actually did.

 2. Toning
Once you have managed to get your hair to a lovely, light blonde and your hair looks like it is in good enough condition to be dyed, the next thing you'll have to do is tone it. You want your hair to be a white/silver shade so I'd recommend the white/silver toners from La Riche Directions. The toners have to be purple in colour to counteract the yellow tones in your hair, so don't be scared about it dying your hair purple. If you follow the instructions and leave it in for the right time it will not do this. However, if you do leave it on for too long it will probably give your hair a purple tone but this will soon fade after a wash or two. You can also try purple shampoo to help tone down yellow tones. I highly recommend the ones by Pro Voke which I bought cheaply from Boots. The darker, weekly treatment works very well so I'd definitely recommend that one.

 3. Choosing/Buying your dye
When your hair is like a pretty blank canvas, ready to absorb lots of pastel goodness, it's time to choose your colour. The top trends and main colours that are done for pastel shades are pink, lilac and turquoise. Directions make shades called 'Pastel Pink', 'Turquoise' and 'Lilac', but these dyes aren't my personal recommendation as there is a cheaper/slightly riskier way. However, I would suggest trying these shades if you think they will work for you and don't think you'll be able to do the 2nd option very well. 

The cheaper option is to buy a darker shade such as Violet for example (if dying your hair lilac), and mixing it with cheap, white conditioner. This way you only use a tiny bit of dye each time and don't have to keep buying more pots to cover your hair. This is also good if you have long hair as you won't need to buy two pots every time you dye your hair, which will be quite regularly as it fades quick.

4. Dying your hair
Option 1:
If you opted for the slightly more expensive, lighter shade dyes then all you have to do is follow the easy instructions written on the dye pot to achieve your perfect shade. There are many brands available other than Directions such as Bleach London, Manic Panic, Crazy Colour, Stargazer, Colour Freedom, but I mainly stuck to Directions myself.

Option 2: 
Pour lots of cheap, white conditioner into your mixing bowl/container and add a very tiny bit of the darker dye to it and fully mix together. If the colour is still too light then add a little more. It's better and easier, to have to make the dye darker than lighter, so do it in very small parts. Once you think you have achieved your perfect shade then apply it to your hair. This is only slightly riskier in my opinion as there is the chance that you'll mix it to dark (which I have done and applied). If you make it too dark then add more conditioner. If you apply it and it's too dark then it should fade in a couple of washes, hopefully to your desire pastel shade.

5. Fading and Up Keep
Your colour will fade after a couple of washes and you'll have to keep topping it up, which sucks but once you've done it once/twice it becomes very easy. Quick fading also does have it's positives, as it makes it a fun thing to do if you are on your school break and aren't allowed bright coloured hair when you go back. It also means you can change up your look more often or easily change it if it goes wrong.

  • Wear gloves as the bleach will be harmful and the dye will stain.
  • Wear old clothes and take any precautions you may have to, to protect your surroundings from dye.
  • Use an application/tint brush to be more precise and make sure it's fully covered. Pick one up at the £1 shop.
  • Make sure you have mixed the conditioner and dye well so that your dye isn't patchy. 
  • Mix a batch of conditioner and dye to your perfect shade and put it into an empty shampoo/conditioner bottle. Using this as your normal conditioner will help to stop your colour from fading as much. 
  • Ask someone to help you if needed, so you can get those tricky places covered.
  • Treat your hair well! Give it pampering sessions regularly and use protection sprays, less heat etc to help keep it in best condition as best you can.

Products mentioned are available in the UK. Click the names for links to buy the products, or check out: for buying semi-permanent dyes/toners, application brushes etc. They have great prices, delivery times and customer service. They also make it cheaper when buying in bulk and have a blog that you can check out here

Most importantly experiment and have fun!
Thanks for reading, April

Disclaimer: I am not a professional in any way and this is just what I have learned from my past mistakes and experiences. I dislike going to the hair dresser and I was very new to this. I have learned quite a lot from my mistakes and don't want you to make the same ones, so make sure you research your hair type, the bleach your using etc very well before doing it as I obviously don't know what your hair is like or have the professional opinion that a hair dresser would. The products recommended are just ones that I have used which may not work for you. I have not been asked to mention Glitter Store but I found it a very useful site when I started to dye my hair and think more people should know about it.

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