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I am a big fan of all things cute, fun and nostalgic and with the 90's trend hitting the shops, I have come across more and more items featuring the loveable Simpsons characters. As a big fan of the Simpsons when I was younger, I am really loving this trend. The majority of the trend is dominated by the mischievous Bart but here are just a few of my favourite pieces that I found online from various places. 

Update: A lot of shops released big Simpsons collections but as I've decided to update this post, I found a lot were unavailable so I have gone on another search and found are a few pieces that I like that are still available.

1. Crop top | £3.65 | buy here

2. Galaxy Bart t shirt | £7.15 | buy here

3. Satanic Bart t shirt | £6.02 | buy here

4. Hype Itchy & Scratchy t shirt | £24.99 | buy here

5. Hype Homer floral jumper| £39.99 | buy here

6. Homer printed jumper | £11.17 | buy here

7. Bart denim shirt | £13.33 | buy here

8. Bart denim shorts | £9.60 | buy here

9. Bart casual shorts | £6.48 | buy here

10. Bart printed skirt | £4.93 | buy here

11. Hype backpack | £29.99 | buy here
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